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DirectVobSub (VSFilter)

DirectVobSub is a Subtitling component that integrates into Zoom Player, allowing it to display internal/external media file subtitles. This is an integral component and its installation is highly recommended.

Once installed, playing a movie with external subtitles (every format) is possible. Pressing ALT+"S" with a video loaded should open up the DirectVobSub subtitle interface.

Download Gabest DirectVobSub v2.39 (Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista):
Mirror 1, Mirror 2.
MD5: D2C27970D3493B9ABB27E8ED812BB978

Download Gabest DirectVobSub v2.39 (Windows 95/98/ME):
Mirror 1, Mirror 2.
MD5: 5A054EE382488654B2DFFAD578F8202E

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