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Switching skins
To switch skins within Zoom Player, open the Skin Selector dialog (On the Right-Click context menu under the "Open Interface" Sub-Menu, or by pressing the "N" key).

Skin Size
Listed by default at "100%", for supporting skins this value can multiple the skin's resolution to make sure it's usable on higher resolution displays (4K/8K).

Navigation skin switching by Aspect Ratio
By default, Zoom Player's fullscreen navigation interfaces are designed for 16:9 widescreen displays. Using the "screen aspect ratio" setting, you can add support for skin switching based on the display's AR (useful when using Zoom Player on multiple displays with varying aspect ratios). Please note that the skin only switches when opening a fullscreen navigation interface, If a navigation interface is already open, you need to close and re-open the navigation interface.

Downloading skins
Zoom Player Skins can be Downloaded from the Official Skin Site.

Installing skins
When installing skins, you can create a sub-folder under the skin folder and extract all the files there, or directly into the skin folder (skins with the "zps" extensions are self installing, all you need to do is double click the file in explorer and Zoom Player will prompt you to install the skin).

You can manually adjust the skin's Tint (color) or to apply one of the pre-defined Tint Profiles. To add a tinting profile of your own, use the Tint bars to tint the skin to your preference and then right-click the tint list and select "Add Profile".

Creating or editing skin files
Zoom Player ships with documented skin samples within the skins folder. The full scripting documentation is available here.