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The Scene Cut Editor allows you to dynamically edit (without actually changing the source file) the way media content is played. To do this, you need to have a media loaded (Currently playing or paused Media file/DVD/etc).

You can manipulate the media in the following ways:
  1. Cut Section:
    Mark a segment of time to be cut (seek past) during playback.
  2. Jump to Position: Create Jump points to anywhere within the time line (including backwards). Using this method, you can re-edit the chronological play order in any way desired (jump points have a sensitivity of aprox. 2 seconds).
  3. Mute Audio: Mute the Audio for a specified duration.
  4. Hide Subtitle: Hide the Subtitle display for a specified duration.
  5. End of Playback: End Playback moves to the next track if the current track is not the last in the playlist or uses the value specified in "On Playlist Complete" setting to take further action. This is especially useful when playing DVDs, as it allows you to play multiple DVDs in sequence, bypassing the menu system which prevents DVDs from ending on their own.
  6. Pause Playback Pauses playback at the specified position.
There is one additional checkbox in the Scene Cut dialog. The "Inverse Cut" checkbox inverses the function of the "Cut" feature. Instead of selecting a segment to cut from the video. When Inverse Cut is enabled, only the specified segments will play.

Similar to the Chapter Editor, a file is kept for every DVD and Media with a ".cut" file extension. If a "cut" file exists when Zoom Player replays content, the edit values are applied to the newly loaded Media or DVD.