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Many features & scripts throughout Zoom Player access Zoom Player's vast array of functions.
In this document, you will find several types of functions:
  1. Standard Functions
    These are simple functions that perform a specific function without any additional infomation required such as Play and Pause.
  2. Extended Functions
    Extended functions are functions that take an additional parameter which contains a value which the function performs, such as Seeking to a specific position in the playing media or setting the audio volume.
  3. Navigation Functions
    Navigation functions are functions specific to the fullscreen navigation interfaces. They contain specific navigation commands such as Up, Down, Left, Right, Select.
Standard Functions:
No. Function Mode Description
000fnPlay AllStarts playback and toggles between Play & Pause states.
001fnPause AllPauses video and frame advances when already paused.
002fnStop MediaStops playback and goes to the beginning of the video.
  DVDStops playback and closes DVD.
003fnStopToFirst MediaStop to First Item in a Playlist.
004fnNextChapter MediaGo to Next Chapter (Internal or OGM), if no chapters are specified, advance to the next item in the Playlist.
  DVDOpen the Next Bookmark.
005fnPrevChapter MediaGo to Previous Chapter (Internal or OGM), if no chapters are specified, go back to the previous item in the Playlist.
  DVDOpen the Previous Bookmark.
006fnNextTrack MediaGo to the Next item on the Playlist
  DVDGo to the Next Chapter.
007fnPrevTrack MediaGo to the Previous item on the Playlist.
  DVDGo to the Next Chapter.
008fnNextFrame AllFrame Step Forward.
009fnPrevFrame AllFrame Step Backward.
010fnNextVid MediaPlay the Next Video in the current folder.
011fnPrevVid MediaPlay the Previous Video in the current folder.
012fnSkipForward AllShort seek forward a specified number of seconds (default 5sec).
013fnSkipBackward AllShort seek backward a specified number of seconds (default 5sec).
014fnJumpForward AllMedium seek forward a specified number of seconds (default 20sec).
015fnJumpBackward AllMedium seek backward a specified number of seconds (default 20sec).
016fnSeekForward AllLong seek forward a specified number of seconds (default 120sec = 2 minutes).
017fnSeekBackward AllLong seek backward a specified number of seconds (default 120sec = 2 minutes).
018fnFastForward AllPlay in Fast Forward.
019fnRewind AllRewind Playback.
020fnSlowMotion AllPlay in Slow Motion.
021fnHalfFF AllHalf Fast forward speed.
022fnHalfSM AllHalf Slow Motion speed.
023fnVolUp AllIncrease Volume.
024fnVolDown AllDecrease Volume.
025fnMute AllMute Volume (ON/OFF).
026fnABRepeat AllStart, Stop and Cancel AB-Repeat.
027fnPlayEndCycle AllCycle through the "On Play Complete" values.
028fnZoomAxis AllToggles the Zoom Axis (used with Zoom-In / Zoom-Out).
029fnZoomIn AllZoom into video (enlarge video area).
030fnZoomOut AllZoom out of video (shrink video area).
031fnZoomInWidth AllStretch the video width.
032fnZoomOutWidth AllShrink the video width.
033fnZoomInHeight AllStretch the video height.
034fnZoomOutHeight AllShrink the video height.
035fnZoom AllGo into Zoom Mode.
036fnFullScreen AllGo Into Fullscreen Mode.
037fnFitSource AllResize video area to the original video source size.
038fnMax AllMaximize user interface to cover work area or if in fullscreen maximize video area to cover screen.
039fnMinimize AllMinimize the user interface.
040fnARCycle AllCycle through Aspect Ratio modes.
041fnRevARCycle AllReverse Cycle through Aspect Ratio modes.
042fnBar AllShow / Hide the Control Bar.
043fnOSD AllTurn the On Screen Display ON / OFF.
044fnOpen AllOpen File(s) for playback.
045fnOpenDir AllOpen a Folder for playback.
046fnInfo AllPlayback Information Dialog (some information on the playing media).
047fnOptions AllOpen the Options Dialog.
048fnPresets AllOpen the Video Position Preset Dialog.
049fnPlayList AllShow / Hide the Playlist Editor.
050fnChapter MediaShow / Hide the Chapter Editor.
  DVDShow / Hide the Bookmark Editor.
051fnSkin AllShow / Hide the Skin Selection dialog.
052fnKeyHelp AllOpens the Keyboard Shortcut Dialog (key list).
053fnExit AllExit application.
054fnAddChapter MediaAdd Current Position to the Chapter Editor.
  DVDSave Current Position as a Bookmark.
055fnSaveChapter MediaSave Chapter List.
056fnDVDMode AllSwitch between the Media and DVD Modes.
057fnDVDRootMenu DVDGo to the DVD's Root Menu.
058fnDVDTitleMenu DVDGo to the DVD's Title Menu.
059fnDVDSubMenu DVDGo to the DVD's Subtitle Menu.
060fnDVDAudioMenu DVDGo to the DVD's Audio Menu.
061fnDVDAngleMenu DVDGo to the DVD's Angle Menu.
062fnDVDChapterMenuDVDGo to the DVD's Chapter Menu.
063fnDVDMenuLeft DVDMove left on a DVD Menu.
064fnDVDMenuRight DVDMove right on a DVD Menu.
065fnDVDMenuUp DVDMove up on a DVD Menu.
066fnDVDMenuDown DVDMove down on a DVD Menu.
067fnDVDMenuSelect DVDActivate selected DVD Menu item.
068fnDVDCC AllClosed Captions ON / OFF.
069fnDVDAngle MediaCycle through OGM Video Tracks.
  DVDCycle through DVD Angles.
070fnDVDSub MediaCycle through VobSub/OGM Subtitle Tracks.
  DVDCycle through DVD Subtitle Tracks.
071fnAudioTrack MediaCycle through Media Audio Tracks.
  DVDCycle through DVD Audio Tracks.
072fnStayOnTop AllStay On Top ON / OFF.
073fnMPEG4 AllMPEG4/DivX/Video Decoder Dialog (if filter is in use).
074fnSub AllOpen the Subtitle configuration dialog.
075fnAudioFilter AllTFM/DeDynamic Audio Filter Dialog (if filter is in use).
076fnIncRate AllIncrease Play rate.
077fnDecRate AllDecrease Play rate.
078fnPrevFilterFileNonePrevious Manual Filter File ** disabled **
079fnNextFilterFileNoneNext Manual Filter File ** disabled **
080fnSaveDF AllSave Definition File for the currently open media.
081fnFrameCapture AllScreenshot / Frame Capture.
082fnPattern AllCycle Pattern Modes.
083fnEject AllEject the specified CD drive.
084fnOverlayControlAllShow / Hide the Color Control Interface.
085fnOverlayApply AllApply the Color Controls (same as button in options).
086fnOverlayReset AllReset the Color Controls back to their default settings.
087fnIncBrightness AllIncrease Brightness.
088fnDecBrightness AllDecrease Brightness.
089fnIncContrast AllIncrease Contrast.
090fnDecContrast AllDecrease Contrast.
091fnIncGamma AllIncrease Gamma.
092fnDecGamma AllDecrease Gamma.
093fnIncHue AllIncrease Hue.
094fnDecHue AllDecrease Hue.
095fnIncSaturation AllIncrease Saturation.
096fnDecSaturation AllDecrease Saturation.
097fnUnpause AllUnpause the video (Discrete Play).
098fnAddALBookmark DVDAdd DVD Auto-Load Bookmark.
099fnSeekToStart AllSeek to start of Video.
100fnAudioDecoder AllPop the property dialog of filters with "Audio Decoder" in their titles.
101fnDVDMenuPrev DVDReturn from DVD Sub-Menu. If on Top Menu then Resume playback.
102fnChapterNav MediaShow / Hide the Chapter Navigator dialog.
  DVDShow / Hide the Bookmark Navigator dialog.
103fnPlayListNav AllShow / Hide the Playlist Navigator dialog.
104fnFileNav AllShow / Hide the File Navigator dialog.
105fnBlankingNav AllShow / Hide the Blanking Navigator dialog.
106fnBlankingPresetAllShow / Hide the Blanking Presets dialog.
107fnBlanking AllShow / Hide Video Blanking.
108fnRandomPlay MediaTurns Random (shuffle) Play ON / OFF.
109fnResizeNav AllShow / Hide the Resize Navigator dialog.
110fnDisableDVDSub MediaDisable (hide) Subtitle display.
  DVDDisable DVD Subtitle.
111fnPresetCycle AllCycle through Video Position Presets.
112fnRevPresetCycleAllReverse Cycle through Video Position Presets.
113fnBlankCycle AllCycle through Blanking Position Presets.
114fnRevBlankCycle AllReverse Cycle through Blanking Position Presets.
115fnDVDPlayStart DVDPlay DVD bypassing Auto-Bookmark loading features.
116fnNextArrowFunc AllNext Active Arrow Control function.
117fnPrevArrowFunc AllPrevious Active Arrow Control function.
118fnAutoARToggle DVDEnable / Disable Automatic DVD Aspect Ratio.
119fnFrameZeroALBM DVDAttempt setting a DVD Auto-Load bookmark at frame zero.
120fnPauseAtEOF MediaPause Playback at end of currently playing file.
121fnSceneCut AllShow / Hide the Scene Cut Editor.
122fnGoTo AllShow / Hide the GoTo Timeline dialog.
123fnGoToNav AllShow / Hide the GoTo Timeline Navigator interface.
124fnMWFuncNav AllShow / Hide the Mouse Wheel Function Navigator interface.
125fnLoop MediaSwitch between Do Nothing and Auto Reply on Play Complete.
126fnBalanceLeft AllMove Audio Balance to the Left.
127fnBalanceRight AllMove Audio Balance to the Right.
128fnOpenDrive AllOpen an entire drive.
129fnMediaNav AllShow / Hide the Media Library Navigator.
130fnMediaPathEdit AllShow / Hide the Media Library Path and Category Editor.
131fnSrcRelStretch AllEnable / Disable Source Relative User Interface Stretch.
132fnZoom50 AllSet video to default to 50%.
133fnZoom100 AllSet video to default to 100%.
134fnZoom200 AllSet video to default to 200%.
135fnZoom400 AllSet video to default to 400%.
136fnZoom800 AllSet video to default to 800%.
137fnWebNav AllShow / Hide the Web URL Navigator.
138fnBringToFront AllBring Player Window to Front.
139fnLoopPlay MediaEnable / Disable looping of currently playing track.
140fnPLAddFiles AllAdd Files to Playlist.
141fnPLAddDir AllAdd Folder to Playlist.
142fnPLRemove AllRemove Selected Items from Playlist.
143fnPLClear AllClear the entire Playlist.
144fnPLLoadList AllLoad a Playlist.
145fnPLSaveList AllSave the Playlist.
146fnPLSort AllSort the Playlist Items.
147fnPLItemUp AllMove Selected Playlist Items Up.
148fnPLItemDown AllMove Selected Playlist Items Down.
149fnPLMax AllMaximize the Playlist Window.
150fnLoadDF AllLoad Definition File for the currently open media.
151fnRadioManager MediaShow/Hide the Station Manager Dialog.
152fnContextNav AllShow/Hide the Context Navigator.
153fnPlayHistory MediaShow/Hide the Play History Interface.
154fnPLGetDuration MediaGet Duration of Media Files in the current Playlist.
155fnEqualizer AllShow/Hide the Internal Equalizer Window.
156fnEQEditor AllShow/Hide the Equalizer Profile Selector/Editor.
157fnEQReset AllReset the current Equalizer Values.
158fnEQToggle AllEnable/Disable the Equalizer.
159fnResyncAhead AllResynchronize Audio Ahead.
160fnResyncBack AllResynchronize Audio Back.
161fnFastPlay MediaFast Playback with Audio.
162fnVobSubSelect AllDirectVobSub Subtitle File Selection.
163fnOpenURL AllOpen URL.
164fnAudioMode MediaSwitch to Audio only mode (no video area) skin.
165fnSSaverToggle AllInternal Screen Saver Toggle.
166fnTVMode NoneNot implemented.
167fnSpace AllCall the user-selected Space function.
168fnIncHeight AllIncrease Height 1 Pixel.
169fnDecHeight AllDecrease Height 1 Pixel.
170fnIncWidth AllIncrease Width 1 Pixel.
171fnDecWidth AllDecrease Width 1 Pixel.
172fnDummy AllDoes nothing, useful for skinning.
173fnSceneCutToggleAllEnable/Disable the Scene Cut feature.
174fnStationNav AllShow/Hide the Station Navigator.
175fnVidLeft AllMove Video Position to the Left.
176fnVidRight AllMove Video Position to the Right.
177fnVidUp AllMove Video Position Upwards.
178fnVidDown AllMove Video Position Downwards.
179fnPLItemDir AllOpen the folder of the currently highlighted item in the Playlist.
180fnDateTime AllOSD-Popup of the current Date & Time.
181fnSubSyncAhead Media(Only with DirectVobSub) Resynch Subtitles Ahead 100ms.
182fnSubSyncBack Media(Only with DirectVobSub) Resynch Subtitles Back 100ms.
183fnSubUp Media(Only with DirectVobSub) Move Subtitles Up 1 percent.
184fnSubDown Media(Only with DirectVobSub) Move Subtitles Down 1 percent.
185fnPLControl AllOpen/Close the Playlist Control interface.
186fnPLMagToggle AllToggle the Playlist Editor's Magnetic Docking.
187fnEQMagToggle AllToggle the Equalizer's Magnetic Docking.
188fnIncPreAmp AllIncrease PreAmp Volume.
189fnDecPreAmp AllDecrease PreAmp Volume.
190fnMainNav AllShow/Hide the Main Navigator.
191fnLibCategoryNavAllShow/Hide the Media Library Category Navigator.
192fnPrevDirFileExtMediaPlay Previous file in the folder with the same File Extension.
193fnNextDirFileExtMediaPlay Next file in the folder with the same File Extension.
194fnCBarButToggle AllShow/Hide the Control Bar Buttons.
195fnDeleteCurrent MediaDelete the Currently Playing file.
196fnPLtoTop AllMove selected Playlist items to top of list.
197fnPLtoBottom AllMove selected Playlist items to bottom of list.
198fnEQNav AllShow/Hide the Equalizer Navigator.
199fnPlayHistoryNavAllShow/Hide the Play History Navigator.
200fnCloseNavs AllClose All Navigators.
201fnLastNav AllOpen/Close the last open navigator.
202fnPrevDVDTitle DVDGo to Previous DVD Title.
203fnNextDVDTitle DVDGo to Next DVD Title.
204fnContactSheet MediaOpen the Contact Sheet dialog.
205fnReloadCurrent MediaReload the currently open media file.
206fnBlankMonitors AllBlank (cover with a black window) non-Active monitors.
207fnFSActMonitor AllFullscreen on active monitor.
208fnDownloadNav AllDownload Manager Navigator (show/hide).
209fnPosToClipboardAllCopy the current position to the Windows Clipboard.
210fnInfoNav AllInformation Navigator (show/hide).
211fnSaveFileAs AllSave currently playing file.
212fnDoSearch AllUnused at this time.
213fnSearchList AllUnused at this time.
214fnDeInterlace AllDeInterlace Video (enabled/disabled).
215fnSharpen AllSharpen Video (enabled/disabled).
216fnOpenWebPage AllOpen Web Page Dialog.
217fnRingTone AllCreate a RingTone from a playing media section.
218fnZoomTo43Wide AllZoom on badly encoded 16:9 content (encoded with black bars).
219fnVolumeWindow AllPop-up the Volume-Slider Window.
220fnWhiteWash AllWhiteWash Screen-Burn repair.
221fnResetWindows AllReset user interface windows to their default location.
222fnIncRateEx AllIncrease Play Rate by a user specified value.
223fnDecRateEx AllDecrease Play Rate by a user specified value.
224fnZoomInLevel AllCycle Zoom-in Levels (16.6%, 33.3%, 50%, 100%).
225fnSkinSelectNav AllFullscreen navigation skin selection navigator (show/hide).
226fnResetBright AllReset Brightness to default value.
227fnResetContrast AllReset Contrast to default value.
228fnResetGamma AllReset Gamma to default value.
229fnResetHue AllReset Hue to default value.
230fnResetSatur AllReset Saturation to default value.
231fnRandDirMedia MediaRandom play a media file from the playing folder.
232fnRandDirFileExt MediaRandom play a file with the same extension from the playing folder.
233fnSeekLongForward AllLong seek forward a specified number of seconds (default 600 seconds = 10 minutes).
234fnSeekLongBackwardAllLong seek backward a specified number of seconds (default 600 seconds = 10 minutes).
235fnMainContextMenu AllPop-up the Main Context Menu.
236fnPLContextMenu AllPop-up the Playlist Context Menu.
237fnResetBalance AllReset the Audio Balance to Center.
238fnResetPlayRate MediaReset Play Rate to normal speed.
239fnIncDerivedAR AllManually increase Derived Aspect Ratio width.
240fnDecDerivedAR AllManually decrease Derived Aspect Ratio width.
241fnScheduler AllShow/Hide the Schedule editor.
242fnRename MediaRename/Move the playing media or selected playlist entry.
243fnMadVRSmoothMo AllEnable/Disable MadVR's smooth motion.
244fnAutoPlayNext MediaEnable/Disable Auto-Play next file in the playlist.
245fnRotateVideo AllRotate the video in 90 degree increments.
246fnFileAssociation AllShow the file format association dialog.
247fnDSZoomIn AllDirectShow Zoom-in (only works for DirectShow based playback and may not work with all video renderers).
248fnDSZoomOut AllDirectShow Zoom-out (only works for DirectShow based playback and may not work with all video renderers).
249fnDSPanLeft AllDirectShow Pan-left (only works for DirectShow based playback and may not work with all video renderers).
250fnDSPanRight AllDirectShow Pan-right (only works for DirectShow based playback and may not work with all video renderers).
251fnDSPanUp AllDirectShow Pan-up (only works for DirectShow based playback and may not work with all video renderers).
252fnDSPanDown AllDirectShow Pan-down (only works for DirectShow based playback and may not work with all video renderers).
253fnPLEditMetaData AllOpen meta-data editor for the currently playing media or playlist selected media.
254fnPLAddUrl AllAdd a media streaming URL (link) to the playlist.
255fnLockUI AllLock the user interface.
256fnPreConfigPCType AllOpen the PC/HTPC/Tablet configuration wizard.
257fnMediaScannerNav AllShow / Hide the Media Scanner Navigator dialog.
258fnStreamSelectNav AllShow / Hide the Stream Selection Navigator dialog.
259fnThumbViewMiniMenu AllShow/Hide ThumbView mode's Mini-Menu.
260fnPSTogglePreSize AllToggle ON/OFF pre-image resize Pixel Shaders.
261fnPSTogglePostSize AllToggle ON/OFF post-image resize Pixel Shaders.
262fnPSToggleBoth AllToggle ON/OFF pre and post-image resize Pixel Shaders.
263fnToggleTAGDisplay AllToggle ON/OFF audio TAGs display.
264fnPlayingToClipboard AllCopies the currently playing media file/URL to the clipboard.
265fnSubSearchPlaying AllSubtitle search for the playing video.
266fnSubSearchDialog AllSubtitle search for a video file.
267fnOpenClipboardURL AllOpen URL from Clipboard.
268fnScreenSaver AllActivate internal screen saver.
269fnPathToClipboard AllCopy playing media path to Clipboard.
270fnOpenStreamInBrowserAllOpen playing stream in the default web browser.
271fnPLEraseFiles AllPlay next media track after erasing the playing track.
272fnToggleSub AllToggle subtitle display (show/hide).
273fnTitleToClipboard AllCopy the media's title to the Clipboard.
274fnWMPActiveX AllStream Windows media content using Windows Media Player ActiveX (enabled/disabled).
275fnMediaSrcToClipboardAllCopy the media (file or url) from the DirectShow source filter to the clipboard.
276fnFavoritesNav AllOpen/Close the favorites navigator.
277fnPLColorBG AllSet a background color for the selected playlist entries.
278fnPLColorText AllSet a text color for the selected playlist entries.
279fnPLColorReset AllReset text and background color for the selected playlist entries.
280fnToggleOverlayCover AllToggle the "Video covers entire display area" setting (on/off).
281fnRestart AllRestart the player.
282fnRestartWithParams AllRestart the player with the current Command Line parameters.
283fnPreferredAudioCycleAllCycle between preferred audio devices.
284fnCaptureScrapedImageAllReplaces the TV Jukebox thumbnail for the currently playing media with the currently displayed image.
285fnIPTV AllShow/Hide the IPTV electronic program guide.
286fnCustomButton1 AllCustom Button Action (specified in the Advanced Options dialog).
287fnPLSwitch AllSwitch between multiple playlists.
288fnVLCIPTVToggle AllToggle libVLC IPTV playback (enabled/disabled).
289fnVLCBluRayToggle AllToggle libVLC BluRay playback (enabled/disabled).
290fnVLCMediaToggle AllToggle libVLC Media file playback (enabled/disabled).
291fnVLCStreamToggle AllToggle libVLC Streaming playback (enabled/disabled).
292fnVLCCastToDevice AllUse libVLC to Cast the playing media to a Chromecast device.
293fnMPCVRInfo AllShow/Hide MPC-VR video information.
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Extended Functions:
Unlike the regular functions, extended functions pass an additional parameter to the function.

No. Function Description Value
000exSetAR Set Aspect Ratio 0-6
001exApplyPR Apply Zoom Preset 0-9
002exSavePR Save Zoom Preset 0-9
003exChapterTrackChapter/Track Selector 0-9 (Opens chapter/track dialog with 5 seconds timeout for a second key)
004exBlanking Set Blanking Preset 0-9 (Automatically enables blanking)
005exSetMode Set Playback Mode 0-Media Mode, 1-DVD Mode, 2-Audio Mode
006exInterface Toggle Interfaces 00-Show Control Bar
   01-Hide Control Bar
   02-Show Playlist Editor
   03-Hide Playlist Editor
   04-Show Chapter/Bookmark Editor
   05-Hide Chapter/Bookmark Editor
   06-Set Windowed Mode
   07-Set Zoom Mode
   08-Set Fullscreen Mode
   09-Show Equalizer
   10-Hide Equalizer
   11-Enable Pop-up OSD messages
   12-Disable Pop-up OSD messages
   13-Show the Station Manager
   14-Hide the Station Manager
007exSetPlayRate Set Media Play Rate 1-22670 (where 10000 = Standard Play)
008exSetCustomAR Set Custom Aspect Ratio 0-9 (Automatically switches AR to Custom mode)
009exOverlayColorSet Color Control Preset 0-9
010exPlayCompleteSet Playlist Complete Mode (with OSD)00-Do Nothing
   01-Auto Rewind
   02-Auto Replay
   03-Close Player
   04-Shutdown Windows
   05-Play Next Dir File (Media Ext)
   07-Eject CD
   08-Close Media
   09-Open Media Library
   10-Randomize & Replay
   11-Play Next Dir File (Same Ext)
   12-Play Next Random dir file (media ext)
   13-Play Next Random dir file (same ext)
   14-Execute App or Script
011exDVDNumPad Select DVD Number Pad 0-9
012exOpenDrive Open an entire drive 0-25 (0 = A:, 2 = C: ... 25 = Z:)
013exSeekAhead Seek Ahead [n] Seconds 1-999999999
014exSeekBack Seek Back [n] Seconds 1-999999999
015exSeekTo Seek to Position [n] Seconds 0-999999999
016exGroupToggle Toggle Skin Groups 0-1^32 (Bitmask indicating which groups to toggle, use a negative value to force the window size to remain unchanged)
017exGroupEnable Enable Skin Groups 0-1^32 (Bitmask indicating which groups to enable, use a negative value to force the window size to remain unchanged)
018exGroupDisableDisable Skin Groups 0-1^32 (Bitmask indicating which groups to disable, use a negative value to force the window size to remain unchanged)
019exGroupSet Set the Skin Groups Mask 0-1^32 (Bitmask indicating the group mask, use a negative value to force the window size to remain unchanged)
020exSetVolume Set the Audio Volume 0-100 (Percentage of volume level)
021exEjectDrive Eject/Insert a drive 0-25 (drives A-Z where 0=A and 25=Z)
022exEnableTCP Enable TCP/IP interface TCP Port number
023exZoomTo Zoom Video Size (percent) 1-1000 Zoom Video Size (percent)
024exTransWin Set player Window Transparency 1-255, where 255 = disable transparency
025exRandomPlay Set Random Play ON/OFF 0=Off, 1=On
026exSkinTint Set the User Interface color TintRGB Integer Value (Example: "$FF0000" = Red)
027exSkinMode Enable Skin-Specific Mode 1-6, by default assigned to F4-F9 keys
028exScheduler Enable/Disable the Scheduler 0 = Disable the scheduler, 1 = Enable the scheduler
029exPlaylistModeSets the 'on playlist complete' mode0 = Do nothing
1 = Auto-Rewind
2 = Auto-Replay
3 = Close Player
4 = Shutdown Windows
5 = Play Next dir file (media ext)
6 = Minimize
7 = Eject CD
8 = Close Media
9 = Open Media Library
10 = Randomize Playlist & Replay
11 = Play Next dir file (same ext)
12 = Play Next Random dir file (media ext)
13 = Play Next Random dir file (same ext)
14 = Execute App or Script
030exPartLoader Set the Multiple-Part file loader mode0 = Disable the Multi-Part loader
1 = Set Multi-Part file loader to Automatic Match
2 = Set Multi-Part file loader to Name Masking
031exStayOnTop Set 'Stay on Top' mode 0 = Disable Stay on Top
1 = Enable Stay on Top
032exSlideshow Set image slideshow duration The number of seconds to display a still image, set to 0 to disable the slideshow feature.
033exFastforward Fast Forward A value of 2500 = x2.5 fast forward rate, a positive value specifies an on/off toggle, a negative value (-2500) indicates the new value should be applied even if fast forward is already active.
034exRewind Rewind A value of 2500 = x2.5 rewind rate, a positive value specifies an on/off toggle, a negative value (-2500) indicates the new value should be applied even if rewind is already active.
035exSlowMotion Slow Motion A value of 500 = x0.5 slow motion rate, a positive value specifies an on/off toggle, a negative value (-500) indicates the new value should be applied even if slow motion is already active.
036exDirectShowZoomDirectShow Zoom A value of 10000-1000000 (only works for DirectShow based playback and may not work with all video renderers).
037exDirectShowPan DirectShow Pan A value of 0-10000 (only works for DirectShow based playback and may not work with all video renderers).
038exLAVHWAccel LAV Hardware Acceleration0 = Use LAV's setting
1 = None (software decoding)
3 = Intel® QuickSync
4 = DXVA2 (copy-back)
5 = DXVA2 (native)
6 = D3D11
039exPSPreset Apply Pixel Shader preset1-100 (requires using MadVR as the video renderer and pixel shaders presets created through the advanced options dialog
040exSeekAheadPercentSeek Ahead (percent of duration)0-100000, A value of 10000 = seek ahead 10%
041exSeekBackPercent Seek Back (percent of duration)0-100000, A value of 10000 = seek back 10%
042exSeekToPercent Seek To (percent of duration)0-100000, A value of 50000 = seek to 50%
043exWMPActiveX Directly set whether Windows media content streaming will use Windows Media Player's ActiveX control0=Disabled
044exSetAudTrack Set the active Audio track0=First Track
1=Second Track
2=Third Track
045exSetSubTrack Set the active Subtitle track0=First Track
1=Second Track
2=Third Track
046exVidMoveHorz Move the video/window horizontallyA negative value moves to the left and a positive value moves to the right.
047exVidMoveVert Move the video/window verticallyA negative value moves to up and a positive value moves to down.
048exPLRemoveItem Remove playlist entryPlaylist item index, first item = 0
049exPLSort Sort playlistNew "exPLSort" extended function to sort the current playlist.Possible values are:
0 : Sort by Name
1 : Sort by File Type (file extension)
2 : Sort by File Date
3 : Sort by File Size
4 : Sort by File Path (folder)
5 : Sort by Media Duration (in seconds)
6 : Sort Randomly (random order)
050exPLSortOrder Set playlist sorting (ascending/descending)A value of "0" sets ascending and "1" sets descending. Please note that this function doesn't actually sort the list.
051exSetAudioSync Set an absolute audio sync value in milliseconds.-60000-60000, A value of 3000 sets an audio synchronization value of 3 seconds
052exMediaVidRender Set the active Video Renderer.Valid values are 0-10
053exSetAudioBalance Specify an exact audio balance percent value.From "-100" (left) to "100" (right). A value of "0" resets the balance changes.
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Navigation Functions:
Navigation functions are used to control the Fullscreen Navigation interfaces.

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