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Zoom Player's schedule editor is used to define scheduled content playback Start and End time & date, while optionally executing Zoom Player functions for enhanced usability.

The scheduling feature can be administered remotely with such tools as Zoom Commander or any other third party tool that interfaces with the Zoom Player API and implements a scheduling feature.

Schedule entries are color-coded:
Red  = Higher priority
Gray = Outdated entry (past its end date)

Enable Scheduler
This checkbox determines whether the scheduler is currently enabled. Disabling the scheduler does not affect the currently playing media, it only prevents scheduling events from taking place.

File name
Specifies the content to play. This can be a media file or a playlist file.

Start Function
Specifies either a Standard or Extended Zoom Player function to execute before playback starts.
For example, you can use an extended function to set the playback's audio levels to 50% before playback starts.

End Function
Specifies either a Standard or Extended Zoom Player function to execute after playback ends.
For example, you can use an extended function to restore the playback's audio levels to 80% after playback ends.

Start Date & Time
Specifies the scheduled event start Date & Time.
The specified 'file name' content will play from the specified start Date & Time. If the duration of the scheduled event is longer than the content playing, then the "On Playlist Complete" feature determines what happens next (by default, the content is played in a loop).

End Date & Time
Specifies the scheduled event end Date & Time.
At the end of a scheduled event, the currently playing content is paused.

Add a new schedule entry
Clicking this button creates a new schedule entry with the values specified.

Set Priority
Schedule entries can have overlapping Date & Time. In such cases, the entry with the highest priority takes precedence.

Using this approach, you can create cases where a specified playlist can be set for an entire month at priority "0" and then other content scheduled at specific times within this month at a higher priority, eliminating the possibility of dead time (no content playing).

Another use for the priority feature is to override the currently playing content with breaking content of higher priority.

Import selected entry into editor
To edit a schedule entry, you can either click this button or double-click a schedule entry. Doing so will import that entry's content into the editing area above.

Update selected entry
Updates the selected entry with the data specified in the editing area above.

Remove entry
Removes the selected schedule entry.

Clear outdated entries
This button clears all schedule entries that are past their end time.

Clear entire schedule
Clears the entire schedule.

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