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About Inmatrix

"Our vision is to be recognized as provider of the best software and solutions in the fields we are operating in, be a successful and profitable company that will maintain its commitments to its customers and partners alike, and keep being a source of pride for its employees." (Giora Gur, CEO)

Inmatrix creates high grade software for playback, control and management of video, audio, image, text and HTML-based media files. Our expertise in these fields is based on 10 years of experience with inventing and fusing the best technologies of the time. During this period we produced a line of professional products, improved their capabilities and features, and increased their ease of use and sophistication to their current, top-rated, level.

Our technology is being employed in various applications such as Digital Signage systems, high-end Home Theatre and Media Center systems and portable USB/U3 devices. We take pride in our leading products that always incorporate the most advanced tools for the job. Our worldwide acclaimed software was awarded by the most acknowledged reviewers of leading professional magazines and testing sites.

Our worldwide customers come from all possible avenues, from private users who use our products for entertainment to OEM companies and system integrators who provide professional solutions - all powered by our software.

We believe in creating long-lasting partnerships based on mutual trust and innovative thinking. We also believe that all our users deserve top attention - always. So on top of striving to improve our products we spare no efforts to make them as friendly and functional as possible. These go together with our comprehensive help site, data-rich FAQ, interactive help and information users' forum, web & mail based support services, and a responsive 24/7 customer support.

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Inmatrix LTD
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POB: 9436
Fax: +(972) 4851 0918

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