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The Equalizer in Zoom Player is easy to use. Power users may appreciate the following tips:

  • For the Equalizer to function, the Internal Equalizer/DSP filter must be enabled (It is enabled by default).
  • The "Pre" (PreAmp) bar is for digital Amplification. Audio amplified digitally looses quality if the audio range is wide.
    Using PreAmp is only recommended when the volume on the currently playing file is low.
  • When enabling the Magnetic Hard Docking button, The Equalizer moves along with the main user interface while trying to appear on-screen in the best position (visual space wise).
  • Right clicking on an Equalizer Frequency/PreAmp bar resets the bar to its default value.
  • The equalizer presets reside in "zplayer.eq", a simple text file you can edit by hand if necessary.