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To manage an unlimited number of display devices and screen zones, Zoom Commander provides a TAG system used to quickly search and control multiple screen.

 Adding Tags
When adding or editing a screen entry, specify any number of comma separated key word TAGs to make the screen entry easier to find later on.

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For example, in a Mall scenario, there may be 1000's of screens sprinkled throughout the mall's large and complex structure. To make sense of controlling 1000's of screens, TAG each screen added to Zoom Commander with identifying key-words that will help to instantly find the screen when filtering the screen list:
Floor 7, Movie Theater, Lobby, Trailers

Using the key-word TAGs above, a Zoom Commander user can easily find the movie theater's screens that are currently playing movie trailers and switch in new trailers for upcoming movies.

 Filtering Using Key Word Tags
Filtering the screen list is performed within the main user interface's 'TAG Filtering' box. Start typing the TAG key words, separated by commas. TAGs are matched in real-time, reducing the number of characters required to find a screen entry.

The '+' button pops up a list of all currently specified TAGs. Selecting a TAG adds that TAG to the filter list.
The 'X' button clears TAG filtering and restores the full screen list.

 Linked Screens
TAG filtering is often combined with the 'linked screens' feature to control playback and share schedules to multiple screens sharing the same TAGs.