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December 31st 2000, Zoom Player version 1.00 was released.
Ever since, Zoom Player has grown into the most solid and diverse Media Playback suites on the market today.

This page represents just some of the reviews Zoom Player has received over the years. We will try to comment on each review, as not all of them are completely accurate. Sadly, Inmatrix is rarely asked or consulted to fact-check reviews.

The reviews are split into several sections, HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer), Comparison & Testing and Additional Reviews (usually referencing other aspect of Zoom Player).

As some servers may not remain on-line over the years, we have included a Web Archive MHT file of the article for backup purposes.

Featured Reviews:
Lo4d.com Reviews Zoom Player v12.7 MAX - (MHT Archive).
Lo4d.com reviews Zoom Player v12.7 MAX and gives it a 5 star rating.

Filehorse.com Reviews Zoom Player v12.7 MAX - (MHT Archive).
Filehorse.com reviews Zoom Player v12.7 MAX and gives it a 5 star rating.

Pandia.com Reviews Zoom Player - (MHT Archive).
Pandia.com reviews Zoom Player and concludes that "Zoom Player is still a pretty decent media player to have, especially because it is compatible with variety of audio and video formats and offers high-quality playback."

Place77.com Reviews Zoom Player v8.5.1 FREE - (MHT Archive).
Place77.com reviews Zoom Player v8.5.1 FREE and gives it a 5 star rating.

Place77.com Reviews Zoom Player v8.6.1 MAX - (MHT Archive).
Place77.com reviews Zoom Player v8.6.1 MAX and gives it a 5 star rating.

Download3k.com Reviews Zoom Player FREE - (MHT Archive).
Download3k.com reviews Zoom Player FREE and concludes that "Zoom Player FREE is a complex and powerful tool with a high level of versatility and adaptability that can provide viewers with the ideal media playback means.".

FindMySoft.com Reviews Zoom Player Home Professional - (MHT Archive).
FindMySoft.com reviews Zoom Player Home Professional and concludes that Zoom Player is "a media player that combines ease of use with a long list of powerful features".

FindMySoft.com Reviews Zoom Player Home MAX - (MHT Archive).
FindMySoft.com reviews Zoom Player Home MAX and finds that "Zoom Player Home MAX is a media player that will satisfy the needs of even the pickiest user".

DownloadHotFile.com Reviews Zoom Player - (MHT Archive).
A review of Zoom Player showing how it's useful for both inexperienced and professional users.

Softonic Reviews Zoom Player 6 Professional - (MHT Archive).
A basic review which points to Zoom Player's advanced customization capabilities.

DVDBeaver shows the advantages of using Zoom Player.
DVD Beaver goes over the basics of building an HTPC (Home Theater PC) and shows the advantages of using Zoom Player for the task.

Freenet.de reviews Zoom Player Beta v4.10 - (MHT Archive).
This German article features a very complete in-depth review of the new 4.10 Beta version of Zoom Player, released 12/2004. Zoom Player received a very respectable mark with a 93% (out of a 100) score. The included MHT Archive link contains only the first page of this review.

Softpedia reviews Zoom Player Standard - (MHT Archive).
Softpedia reviews Zoom Player Standard and announces it's "Zoomtastic".

Only the best software reviews Zoom Player - (MHT Archive).
Only the best software blog reviews Zoom Player and praises its support of every media format.

HAL-PC reviews Zoom Player v4.03 - (MHT Archive).
This one-page article paints a general overview of the myriad of functions and qualities Zoom Player possesses. Despite not going into great detail, the reviewer manages to touch most reasons for which Zoom Player was created, deeming Zoom Player "...a better DVD player than the better known PowerDVD and WinDVD". A must-read review.

The Software Corner reviews Zoom Player Standard v4.03 - (MHT Archive).
This is an enthusiastic overview of Zoom Player Standard 4.03, praising Zoom Player's versatility and many other features.

WinPlanet Reviews Zoom Player v4.0x.
WinPlanet gives Zoom Player a good review, going into some of the features and laying out in simple terms the goals Zoom Player achieves and the details behind its driving force.

ZDnet reviews Zoom Player v4.03.
ZDnet has awarded Zoom Player v4.03 with 10 Editor's Rating points ("Perfect"). The editor's review highlights some of his favorite Zoom Player features, as well as praises the vast support our users can get through our website.

Zive reviews Zoom Player v5.00.
Zive.cz's Jan Polzer reviews Zoom Player version 5.00.

Comparison & Testing:
TechRadar.com reviews Zoom Player v7.
TechRadar compares that Start time and Memory usage of 16 popular media players, including Zoom Player v7.

Freenet.de reviews Zoom Player v3.30 - (MHT Archive).
This German article is an intense 19 page review of DVD, Streaming and Media playback software for the PC. They only included Zoom Player in the media player category as the DVD category was reserved for players that come with built-in MPEG-2 Decoders.
The review includes a massive comparison chart which is not entirely accurate as Inmatrix was not consulted and some of the features marked as missing are actually included in Zoom Player. Even so, Zoom Player won the highest marks with a 92% (out of a 100) score. The included MHT Archive link contains only the Zoom Player section of this review.

Chip.de reviews Zoom Player v3.10 - (MHT Archive).
Chip.de has a 14-Page review of all the major media players on the market (in German). Zoom Player is the hands-down winner of this extensive review. The review's major gripe against Zoom Player is slow seeking, something that is not actually determined by the Player, but rather the components used to decode a playing video. There are also a few inaccuracies in the feature listing, but nothing really major.
The included MHT Archive link contains only the Conclusion section of this review.

German FreeNET Discusses DVD Players.
This 7-Page article (In German) discusses the available DVD Player solutions. It's a bit old and the screenshot of Zoom Player is obviously not from a recent version.

HTPCnews.com Zoom Player Tutorial for postprocessing with FFDShow - (MHT Archive).
This tutorial contains configuration information for DVD enhancement on a HDTV while using Zoom Player as a Home Theater PC (HTPC).

Hardware.no complete Tutorial (Norwegian) for v4.50 Beta 4 - (MHT Archive).
This tutorial features in-depth step by step installation and configuration information for Zoom Player v4.50 Beta 4 when used for HTPC.

HTPCnews.com Zoom Player Tutorial for v3.30.
This tutorial contains basic installation and configuration information for Zoom Player v3.30 as a Home Theater PC (HTPC).

HTPC.de Configuration Tips using Zoom Player v4 - (MHT Archive).
An interesting set of tips on how to configure Zoom Player, FFDShow and various video decoding filters for best playback on an HTPC.

HTPCnews.com Tutorial for enhancing image quality through FFDShow.
An extensive tutorial on enhancing video image quality using FFDShow as an Image Post-Processor through Zoom Player. This tutorial is mostly Home Theater PC DVD centered, but the information within can be applied to image enhancement / post processing in general.

Additional Reviews:
Columnist Radek Hulan Reviews Zoom Player v4.51 -
(MHT Archive).
Columnist Radek Hulan reviews Zoom Player and gives it a 95/100 score.

Columnist Carsten Scheibe Reviews Zoom Player v4.51 - (MHT Archive).
Columnist Carsten Scheibe Reviews Zoom Player.

VideGo Reviews Zoom Player v4.50 - (MHT Archive).
VideGo touts Zoom Player's ability to play a wide variety of Media Formats and its vast number of useful features.

RIO NERGO Reviews Zoom Player v3.31.
This Argentine magazine reviews PC Media Players and gives Zoom Player a glowing review and top marks over competing media players.

Detroit Free Press mentions Zoom Player v3.20 - (MHT Archive).
This article is low on technology and is more of an advisory for Laptop buyers, it doesn't really go into great detail about any the features.

LinternAute reviews Zoom Player v3.10 - (MHT Archive).
This french review gives Zoom Player 5 out of 5 stars. The reviewer didn't like the old Zoom Player skin (which has since been cleaned and streamlined in future versions), but gave rave reviews with regards to the features and simplicity of use.

Ratiatum.com compares Zoom Player v2.90 to BSPlayer - (MHT Archive).
Ratiatum.com has a 4-Page comparison between BSPlayer and Zoom Player in French. The review didn't like the skin at the time. Zoom Player has since changed the skin design to a much more appealing and streamlined interface.
There are also a few comments on the disorganization of Zoom Player right-click context menu and options dialog which have since been revamped to be more condensed and user-centric, allowing for both a Basic and Advanced interfaces.
The review's end conclusion determines Zoom Player as the overall preferred player. The included MHT Archive link contains only the part of the Zoom Player section and the conclusion of this review.

Canadian Content Technology reviews Zoom Player v2.80 - (MHT Archive).
This article is fair and accurate.

Israeli YNet news agency reviews Zoom Player v2.60.
This article highlights why Zoom Player has a clear advantage over other commercial media players.

German FreeNET Discusses Software you should have.
This 12-Page article (In German) lists software you should have with various aspects of computer use. Zoom Player is mentioned on the Media Players section.

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