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Introduction to Audio Visualization
Audio visualization is the process of taking information from the currently playing audio and displaying this information in visually appealing patterns.

Zoom Player supports the following Visualization Plugin architectures:
  1. Sonique
  2. Windows Media Player
  3. BassBox
You can find many free visualization plugins available for download by searching in any search engine.

Enable Visualizations when playing Audio content
This setting determines whether audio-visualization is displayed when playing audio-only content.

Enable Visualizations when playing Video content
This setting determines whether audio-visualization is displayed when playing audio/video content.

Enable Internal DSP Filter for visualizations (required for initial audio re-synchronization
Zoom Player's DSP filter can be enabled globally or just for visualizations using this setting. The DSP filter enables several functions that can be important when displaying audio visualizations.

Override audio renderer when using visualizations
Enabling this setting allows you to override the default audio rendering device and output the audio to a different device when visualizations are displayed.

Initial audio re-synchronization for visualizations
Specify an audio synchronization starting offset (in milliseconds). This setting can be used along side the DC Cross-Fading Audio Renderer to enhance the visualization.

Delay after closing media files (ms)
This specifies a delay period before playing the next track. This may be needed by some visualization plugins to have additional time to free resources.

Sonique plugin rendering resolution (CPU load & Quality go up with resolution
Sonique plugins can render visualizations at any resolution. Higher resolution rendering provides better image quality and uses more CPU power. This setting controls the maximum rendering resolution, allowing lower-end computers to render fullscreen visualizations.

Auto Scan System (button)
By clicking this button an automatic system scan is performed for compatible visualization plugins. Please note that some visualization plugins may get missed using the auto system scan.

Add [Plugin] (button)
This button displays an open dialog that allows manually browsing for visualization plugins.

Remove [Plugin] (button)
Clicking this button removes the selected plugin(s) from the plugin list.

Render FPS
The visualization rendering frame rate per second. Higher frame rates provide a smoother visualization experience at the cost of additional CPU power.

Configure [Plugin] (button)
Clicking this button opens the selected plugin's configuration dialog if the plugin supports user-configuration.