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Video Position Presets:
One of Zoom Player strongest features is its ability to position the video anywhere on-screen against a user-selected color background (usually black to prevent brightness bleeds). Among other things, this feature allows you to cut down on overscan you get when outputting video to an Analog CRT TV set (if you're not aware of overscan is, read this article).

To position the video area, use the Shift+Arrow keys to change the top and left positions of the video. Using the ALT+Arrow keys you can resize the width and height of the video area.

Using the +/- keys (optionally with Ctrl and Alt held to control a specific Axis) you can Zoom IN/OUT of the video area.

This process can controlled visually using the Image Adjustment navigation interface (Shift+"S").

After the video has been positioned to your satisfaction, the position can be saved to Video Position Preset by using the Ctrl+"0..9" keyboard macros, where "0..9" is a preset number between 0 and 9. To restore a video position preset, simply press the number keys without holding the "Ctrl" key. You presets dialog provides an interface to manually adjust the position values.

To switch between windowed and fullscreen modes without losing the video position, press "Z" instead of Alt+"Enter".

Video Blanking Presets:
Video blanking is a feature that blanks-out the left/right/top/bottom edges of the screen. It's mainly used to blank-out badly encoded DVDs, where part of a widescreen video was encoded with gray borders instead of black. To activate a blanking preset, use the Shift+"0..9" keyboard macro.

This process can controlled visually using the Image Blanking navigation interface (Shift+"K").

Custom Aspect Ratio Presets:
Zoom Player supports multiple aspect ratio modes. One of modes is the "Custom" aspect ratio. The Custom Aspect Ratio Presets are used to specify multiple values for the "Custom" aspect ratio mode. To activate a custom aspect ratio preset, press Alt+Shift+"0..9".

Color Control Presets:
Zoom Player allows you to save up to 10 different Color Control (Brightness/Contrast/Saturation/Hue/Gamma) presets. Please note that Color Control presets are tied to the video renderer in use. Incompatible values may display when restoring a preset created using a different video renderer than the one currently used.