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Preferred Subtitle Renderer (filter)
Zoom Player can display subtitles using two different subtitle rendering engines. VobSub is the preferred engine, but if you're unable to get it working properly, give FFDShow's renderer a try.

Configure Subtitle Filter
When clicked, you will be prompted by the Subtitle Configuration page, allowing you to set such options as Font, Colors and other advanced subtitle options.

Enable automatic subtitle stream selection
Zoom Player can automatically select Subtitle streams in media files using a preferred Language Country ID, text match or a specific stream number. Zoom Player first tries to match the Country ID, failing that, Zoom Player tries to match the text field and if no matches are found, Zoom Player tries to set a specific stream number. The reason a Country ID or text match may fail is due to encoded media not always containing this information.

Specify multiple text matches by separating each entry with the ";" character, for example "jap;eng". The matches are tested in order with the first match applied.

Limit automatic subtitle stream selection to external subtitle streams
With this setting enabled, automatic stream selection matches are limited on external subtitle files.

When no automatic subtitle stream match is made, prefer
When Zoom Player fails to make an automatic subtitle stream selection (or if automatic stream selection is enabled), this setting controls which default subtitle stream type (external/embedded) to show.

Limit "Next Subtitle" feature to specific languages
By specifying your preferred languages, you can eliminate the need to cycle through multiple subtitle tracks to find the language you wish to activate. Specify multiple languages by using the ";" character, for example "spa;eng" will limit the Next Subtitle feature to just Spanish and English subtitle tracks.

Subtitle download plugins
Simply select the plugin you wish to use when Zoom Player is searching for and downloading subtitles.

Preferred language download
Specify the subtitle languages you are interested in. If no language is specified, Zoom Player will return a result for every available language.

Subtitle synchronization adjustment value (ms)
Specify the number of milliseconds used by the subtitle synchronization functions.

Always start with media subtitles hidden
When enabled, all media files containing subtitles (external or internal) will start playing with no subtitles showing.

Enable Closed Captions support for media files
Closed Captions are similar to subtitles but use a different rendering path and are not as common (they usually reside in MPEG2 Transport files). When enabled, Zoom Player will try to display closed captions on top of the playing video.

Automatically hide Closed Captions when loading media files
When enabled, closed captions will start off hidden.

Reset subtitle synchronization when opening a new media
This setting ensures that if the subtitle synchronization is manually adjusted for the playing video, opening a new media resets the synchronization to default.

Use XySubFilter high resolution subtitle rendering whenever possible
The XySubFilter profiles high quality, full resolution subtitle rendering on even low resolution video content (the subtitles are rendered at the screen's resolution instead of the video's resolution). XySubFilter requires that MadVR is used as the Video Renderer.

Disable FFDShow subtitle rendering when using VobSub as the Preferred subtitle renderer
If you've previously used FFDShow as a subtitle renderer, you may experience dual-subtitle display under certain conditions. This setting ensures that the FFDShow subtitle renderer is turned off automatically when using VobSub to render subtitles.

Disable FFDShow subtitle rendering when no subtitle files/streams are found
If ffdshow is used as a video decoder and no subtitle streams are found, disable the subtitle rendering in the decoder (not in the ffdshow subtitle renderer, these are two separate filters).