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Disable Screen Saver and Power Management while Playing
When enabled, Zoom Player will suspend the system's Screen Saver and Power Management so that your monitor wont automatically turn off or your hard drive spin down while you're watching video or listening to audio.

Player Thread Priority (the amount of CPU power the player is ensured to have)
Each windows application has a Thread Priority. The thread priority lets windows know which application should have more (or less) CPU power available to it. Think of it as a pie, each application is a slice of the pie and the thread priority is the size of the slice. It is not recommended to use a thread priority greater than "Above Normal" or it may have an impact on system stability (especially when loading badly corrupted media files). You should set the Thread Priority to "Above Normal" in situations where you're running applications in the background and you don't want your media playback experience to suffer (dropped frames, audio going out of synch, etc).