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The sounds menu allows you to trigger Sound-FX when certain actions are triggered.

Audio device used to play system sounds
If you have more than one audio device connected, you can select which audio device is used for playback.

The startup Sound-FX is triggered right after Zoom Player is launched.

Navigation motion (left/right/up/down/etc...)
The navigation motion Sound-FX is triggered when using the keyboard (and some mouse functions) to navigate through the fullscreen navigation interfaces.

Navigation actions (enter/back/esc/etc...)
The navigation actions Sound-FX is triggered when actions are taken in fullscreen navigation interfaces such as entering a folder, going back to the previous folder, activating a menu and more.

Seeking (forward/backward/tracks/etc...)
The seeking Sound-FX is triggered when seeking backwards or forwards within the media or when playing the next/previous track or chapter.

Edge-Bump (media library)
The edge-bump Sound-FX is only triggered in the media library's thumbnail view mode when you move the current selection to bump against the edges of the dialog.

Volume level (1-100%)
You may not want Sound-FX blasting at full volume, use this field to control the volume level of the playing Sound-FX.

Do not play navigation sounds when using the mouse
Enable this checkbox to prevent sounds from playing when using the mouse. When enabled, only keyboard or remote control actions will trigger the sounds.

Only play seeking sound when playback is paused
When enabled, the seeking Sound-FX will only trigger if playback is currently paused.