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Player Accessibility
Setting the Player Accessibility values allows you to control where Zoom Player will appear. Either on the Task Bar, System Tray or Both.

Auto-Hide the Mouse Cursor on inactivity
Automatically hide the mouse cursor when there's no activity (the mouse cursor isn't moving for several seconds).

Auto-Hide the Control Bar on inactivity in Fullscreen / Zoom mode
Automatically hide the Control Bar when there's no activity (the mouse cursor isn't moving for several seconds). The control bar is only hidden if the mouse cursor is not hovering over the control bar.

Auto-Show the Control Bar on Mouse Movement
Automatically show the control bar when the mouse is moved.

Auto-Size the user interface to match the Source Video resolution
When playing new content, automatically resize the Zoom Player window to match the source video resolution.

Snap user interface to Screen / Windows edges
When the Zoom Player window is dragged next to the monitor borders or next to other Zoom Player interfaces (Equalizer/Playlist), the window will snap together. When dragging the main window, all sub-windows will also move in tandem.

Remember Window State on Exit (fullscreen / width / height)
When exiting Zoom Player, remember the width/height and if Zoom Player was in fullscreen mode so that the next time you run Zoom Player, these values will be restored automatically.

Remember Playlist items when Exiting the player
When enabled, Zoom Player will remember the items currently on the playlist, so when you run Zoom Player again, the play list items will be restored.

Show On Screen Display events (play / pause / etc...)
When an enabled, certain functions (play/pause/fast forward/rewind/etc) will pop a small window indicating that the function is being executed.

Enable TAG display
When playing Audio files containing TAG (ID3) information, Zoom Player will show the embedded information within the video area.

Show hints on user interface buttons
Controls whether small pop-up hints appear when the mouse hovers over user interface elements.