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Background image search mask
The image search mask is used to located background folder images which Zoom Player displays in the video area when playing audio media.
Multiple search masks can be specified using the "|" character, for example:


JPEG, PNG and BMP image formats are supported, there is no need to specify a file extension.

If the search mask finds no images, use any image file in the playing folder
When enabled and no images were found using the search mask, Zoom Player will look for any valid image file in the same folder as the currently playing media. The first valid file is used as a background image.

Default audio background image file
When absolutely no background image is located, whether embedded or as an external folder image, Zoom Player displays the specified default background image.

The "Maintain default image aspect ratio" setting controls whether the default background image maintains its aspect ratio by padding with black bars or when this setting is disabled, the image is stretched to fit the entire video area with no black bar padding. It's best to leave this setting disabled when displaying chaotic imagery (colors and random shapes) and enabled when displaying photographs or other content that gets distorted when aspect ratio isn't maintained.

TAG display script
The TAG display script is a simple scripting tool allowing you to control how the TAG information text is drawn on screen. The TAG script is shared by the Information fullscreen navigation interface as well.

The script contains several types of information:

1. Audio Tags:
<TrackName>    The Track's name
<Genre> Music Genre
<Track> Track Number
<Length> Track Length (duration)
<PlayListTotal> Play List Total Length (duration)
<Language> Language
<ArtistName> The Artist name
<AlbumName> The Album name
<Year> Album release Year
<AuthorName> The Author name
<Encoder> The Encoder name
<Comment> Comment left by Encoder
<URL> URL Link attached to the track
<Copyright> Copyright Notice
<Tab> This is a special alignment separator between two fields (to maintain proper spacing), only use one per line.

2. Media Information:
You can embed any dynamic variables used by the skin engine.

3. Conditional Markers:
Conditional markers specify whether a line in the TAG script is enabled or disabled based on the type of content played.

\media\    Only use in Media Mode
\dvd\ Only use in DVD Mode
\a\ Use with audio only media files
\v\ Use with audio/video media files

The default button restores default TAG display script.