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Navigation Interfaces on Main Navigator
All navigation interfaces are connected to the main navigation interface (pressing Left a few times from any navigation interface will bring you to the main interface). Use this interface to select which navigation interfaces to list on the main interface.

Navigation on Monitor
By default, the navigation interface will appear within the player window (or fullscreen). With this setting, the navigation interfaces can be displayed in fullscreen on any selected monitor, regardless of the current player window position.

Navigation Scroll Mode
When scrolling through the fullscreen navigation interfaces, Zoom Player can control how the list position reacts to the currently selected line.

Always Centered:
This is the default from v8.5 and earlier.
When scrolling, the selected item remains screen-centered.

Middle Centered:
When scrolling, the selected item remains in the screen-center, except for the top and bottom of the list.

Windows Default:
When scrolling, the selected item can reach the bottom or top of the screen before any scrolling is performed. This is identical to the windows method of scrolling and is less suited for remote control.

Close on Inactivity (seconds)
When enabled, navigation interfaces will close automatically after a specific inactivity period.

Scroll Acceleration Speed
Scroll acceleration works by measuring the time between calls to scrolling navigation functions, mostly the up and down actions. When repeated calls are detected, Scroll Acceleration kicks in and instead of the up/down action scrolling 1 item at a time, multiple items are scrolled. The faster you click, the bigger the jump. You can disable scroll acceleration from the "Settings" sub-menu.

Reset Scroll Acceleration (ms)
The number of milliseconds before the scroll acceleration speed-up is reset and normal scrolling resumes.

Minimum Quick Search Characters
The Quick Search functionality presented by the Media Library and File Browsing navigational interfaces displays truncated file names to make searching faster. The number of characters displayed is dynamic and depends on the length of your media list (more entries in the list equals more character in the file names). This field allows you to specify the minimum number of file name characters to display.

Keyboard Search Type
When using keyboard input with the navigation interfaces, you can specify if the search query is from the start of an item's text or contained within the item's text. You can disable keyboard search for the navigation interfaces under the "Settings" sub-menu.

Keyboard Search Timeout (ms)
The number of milliseconds before the search query is cleared and further keyboard input would apply to a new search query.

Color control (with supporting skins)
The preferred color control mode, either "Large" or "Mini". Please note that the mini color control interface may not be available in some of the older navigation styles available for downloads through the website.