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Introduction to OSD actions
Zoom Player displays brief on-screen messages when most functions are used. The messages provide a visual interaction feedback, confirming your commands are being processed.

Enable Pop-Up OSD
Enables the Pop-Up on screen display notification messages (Pause/Stop/Volume/Fast Forward/etc).

Outline Font
Outlines the Action OSD Font for better clarity (uses slightly more CPU power and may not look appropriate with some skins).

Don't skin the OSD Background
When enabled, the Action OSD will not be skinned and a background color is used instead.

Transparent Background (only when the Action OSD isn't skinned)
Enabling this setting, removes the background color rectangle used with OSD action messages. The setting is only applied when OSD messages are not skinned.

OSD Position
The On Screen Position where the Pop-Up Action windows appears.

OSD Message Pixel Offset
The distance toward the center of the screen (in Pixels) where the Action OSD window appears.

OSD Visibility (in seconds)
The number of seconds the Action remain visible on-screen before automatically hiding.

Fullscreen OSD enlarge by
This value specifies the font size difference of OSD action text between windowed and fullscreen playback.

Position OSD relative to Video (Taking Aspect Ratio into consideration)
This setting controls whether the Action OSD appears within the video area or relative to the display area. The difference is that with a display aspect ratio of 4:3 and a playing video with an aspect ratio of 16:9, with this setting enabled, Action OSD appears within the video area. With the setting disabled, the action OSD appears outside the video area, in the black bars area.

Prevent OSD from moving off-screen (keep it on-screen when video is zoomed)
If "Position OSD relative to Video" is enabled, this setting prevents the Action OSD from moving off-screen, even if the video is zoomed-in beyond the screen's resolution.

Show OSD filename when opening a new file
When enabled, opening a new media file will pop an Action OSD with the playing file name.