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Lock OSD to
Zoom Player's on screen display can be locked to several display elements.

The "Video Area" is the area in which video content is displayed. Zoom Player can move the video area within the monitor making it dynamic. Zooming in on a video will enlarge the video area , affecting the on screen display position.

"Fullscreen on Active Monitor" means that the on screen display will cover the entire screen area of the active monitor.

"Custom" lets you specify an exact position and size in pixels.

Custom OSD-Display Lock Area (on the active monitor)
When selecting a Custom position to lock the OSD, the Lock Area allows you to specify the video area position in pixels.

Text Viewer
The text viewer settings control the ASCII (NFO extension) or ANSI (TXT extension) font sizes when opening text files for viewing.

Clock Display
This setting controls how and where the player displays the time/date when the clock (Show Date and Time) function is called (Alt+Ctrl+D).

Background Images
These settings allow you to specify which background images to display when no Media/DVD is currently playing. When enabled with no file names specified, the default images appear.