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Aggressively Hide Mouse Cursor
Use more stringent code to hide the mouse cursor. A side effect of this feature can cause the mouse cursor to become partially obscured in rare cases.

Hide Mouse Cursor in Windowed mode
When enabled, it allows the mouse cursor to auto-hide even when playing in a window (disabled by default).

Move Mouse off-screen when entering Zoom / Fullscreen mode
When enabled, Zoom Player will move the mouse cursor off-screen when going into Zoom or Fullscreen mode.

Move Mouse off-screen when the Mouse is hidden by inactivity
When enabled, Zoom Player will move the mouse cursor off-screen when it is hidden by inactivity.

Always disable mouse cursor
When enabled, the mouse cursor will never show while the player is running.

Double-Click triggers both Double and Single click actions
When you assign functions to both the mouse's single and double click events, this setting controls if a single click action is also triggered when double clicking.

Prevent the Control Bar from automatically hiding if the mouse cursor hovers above it
When enabled, the control bar will not hide automatically when the mouse cursor is actively hovering above it.

Hot Corners
By specifying a hot corner size greater than 0, you can click the 4 screen corners to activate a custom player function or execute an external program.

Limit 'Hot Corners' to fullscreen mode
When enabled, the 'Hot Corners' feature will only work when the player is set to fullscreen.

Mouse Gestures
When the left mouse cursor click action is assigned to 'Mouse Gestures', custom function for each gesture direction (up/down/left/right/static click) can be assigned.