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LIRC is a standard communication protocol between remote control devices and application that want to receive data from these devices.

To enable LIRC support, you must first have a LIRC server installed and running. For windows, a popular open-source server is WinLIRC.

Once you have a LIRC server installed and receiving input from your devices, just specify the LIRC's server Address (or IP) and Port.

Assigning events
To assign LIRC events to Zoom Player functions, simply connect to the LIRC server and use your remote device. Any event the LIRC server generates appears in the "Incoming event log" window.

To assign a Zoom Player function to a LIRC event, select the event and click the "Assign Function" button. Several Zoom Player function types are available to choose from. Once assigned, any event coming from the LIRC server will trigger the assigned Zoom Player function.