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Show version in file name area when nothing is playing
When enabled, Zoom Player will show the product name and version in the file name area when no media is being played.

Show file extension in the file name title area
When enabled and if the media does not contain a title, the playing media's file extension will be included along with the file name in the title area.

Skin the right-click context menu (disable to let windows draw the context menu)
When enabled, the right-click context menus are skinned.
If this causes issues on your system, you can uncheck this setting and restore the standard windows context menu design.

Zoom (in / out) by
When Zooming in or out of a video, the zoom value can be adjusted. If Zoom (in/out) value is set to "By Percentage" then a value of "5" will Zoom (in/out) by 5% of the video size. If it's set to "By Pixels" then the video will Zoom 5 pixels.

Zoom (in / out)
When Zooming In/Out, you can shrink/enlarge the video area by Pixels or by Percentage (of the current video size).

Zoom (in / out) Axis
When Zooming In and Out of a video, you can limit the Zoom Axis to either Width, Height or Both. Note that Zooming in a specific axis will only appear to be working if you set the current aspect ratio mode to disabled.

Fullscreen Background Color
When switching to fullscreen, the background color is Black by default. Changing the background color can help positioning the video area or manage screen bleeds when setting up Analog displays.

Screen-Align video
The screen-align setting controls the on-screen video position when the video doesn't cover the entire display area (playing 16:9 videos on a 4:3 display or a 4:3 video on a 16:9 display).

Fit Text Using
In many places through the Zoom Player interfaces, text must be shortened in order to fit the display area. This setting controls how to modify the text to make it fit.
"Cut Length" simply cuts the end of the text line, while "Vowel Decimation" removes vowels from the text so longer text can remain readable while taking less space.

Video Orbiting
To prevent screen-burns on devices that are very sensitive to a still image, Zoom Player can slowly move the image around the screen, preventing image burned-in. Orbiting is useful on displays that are sensitive to image-burn (some displays have internal orbiting capability and do not require this feature enabled).

Fullscreen Resolution
Zoom Player can automatically change a monitor's resolution when switching from windowed to fullscreen/zoom modes. This setting allows you to specify the desired resolution. When exiting fullscreen/zoom modes, Zoom Player restores the previous resolution.