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Use Flash ActiveX Component to play ".SWF" Flash files (otherwise use DirectShow)
Shockwave Flash (".SWF") files can be played through the Flash ActiveX control (used by Internet Explorer). When this setting is disabled, Zoom Player tries to play the file through DirectShow. Please note that Shockwave Flash files are different from Flash Video (".FLV" extension). FLV files contain audio/video only while SWF files can contain menus and vector animation.

Allow interactivity when playing flash content (otherwise treat as regular media file)
When this setting is enabled, Zoom Player passes mouse clicks in the video area to the ActiveX control, allowing interaction with menus. When disabled, Zoom Player applies the selected function assigned to the clicked mouse button.

First Flash Frame
Some Shockwave Flash files contain looping data on the first frame, preventing you from seeing the full content. This field specifies the frame to start playback at. A value of "0" disables this feature.