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CD / DVD Auto-Insert Program
This interface modifies the currently active "on-insert" application associated with CDs and DVDs, making it easier to associate these events with Zoom Player. By pressing the "Set to this Player" button, the "New" field is automatically filled with a command line parameter to execute Zoom Player in either DVD or CD playback mode. The new value is not automatically set, allowing for custom command line parameters inserted into the command line. Press the 'Apply' button to save the new command line.

DVD Trailers Definition file
Zoom Player can display custom trailer files prior to playing a DVD movie (to give the end-user a true movie going experience). To control which trailers are played, a Trailer Definition File must be used. A sample trailer definition containing full documentation is found within the Zoom Player folder as "default.trailers".

Override DVD Drive / Path
When cleared, Zoom Player tries to automatically detect a disc drive containing DVD media. If more than one drive is installed on the system or the DVD content resides in a specific folder, enter a specific path. Please note that Zoom Player can directly open the "VIDEO_TS.IFO" DVD index file and play the DVD from any valid path.

DVD Auto-Execute
Zoom Player automatically detect a PAL/NTSC DVD even before playback, allowing external applications or scripts to execute prior to playing the DVD title. This feature is especially useful when working with external components such as setting a custom monitor refresh rate by PAL/NTSC content. The option to run an external program when DVD playback is stopped is very useful when used restore any system settings after DVD playback ended. Enabling the "Wait for the Executed Application to Close" checkbox ensures that Zoom Player doesn't proceed until the executed application has closed.