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Adjust DVD Aspect Ratio for 1:1 Pixel Ratio (you should leave this on)
DVD Resolution is either 720x480 for NTSC or 720x576 for PAL. Neither resolution uses square pixels, which is the standard on newer display devices. By default Zoom Player automatically compensates for non-square pixel. With this setting you can prevent Zoom Player from auto-compensating for non-square pixels.

Auto-Load Selected bookmark on Play
Within the bookmark/chapter editor, a bookmark can be assigned as an "Auto-Loading" bookmark. This is a done by prefixing the bookmark file name with "AutoLoad.". With this setting enabled, the AutoLoad bookmark is automatically loaded on playback, playing from the bookmarked DVD position, providing a method of skipping the DVD menu and instantly playing the movie.

Auto-Save / Load Disc Position on Stop
When enabled, the Disc's last position is saved automatically the next time you stop playback. When replaying the disc, a confirmation dialog asking to resume from the last saved position is displayed. If an Auto-Load bookmark is present, the confirmation dialog presents the option to load the stop position bookmark or the auto-load bookmark.

+ Confirmation Dialog (otherwise disc position will override auto-load of selected bookmark)
This setting controls whether a confirmation dialog is displayed prompting the selection to load the last stop position bookmark or auto-load bookmark. With this setting disabled, the last-position bookmark is loaded by default, disabling Auto-Load bookmark support.

+ Auto-Close Confirmation Dialog after 10 seconds
With this setting enabled and no user input given within 10 seconds, the confirmation dialog closes automatically.

+ Limit Auto-Loading the last disc position to the last disc played
With this setting enabled, only the last DVD play position is restored automatically. If this setting is disabled, all DVDs will restore their last play position automatically.

Auto-Save Disc Definition File on Stop (color controls / aspect ratio / etc...)
Similar to Media definition files, this setting controls whether per-disc DVD settings are saved automatically. The information saved is controlled by the content of the "zplayer.zdf" file (same as Media Definition files). If this setting is disabled, the DVD's settings can be saved manually using the "save definition file" keyboard macro.

Auto-Load Disc Definition File on Play
If a per-disc DVD settings exist for the currently playing DVD, this setting instructs Zoom Player to automatically apply the previous settings used when playing the DVD. If this setting is disabled, you can still manually load the DVD settings using the "load definition file" keyboard macro.

Auto-Disable Subtitles
When enabled, Zoom Player tries to automatically disable DVD Subtitles if subtitles are displayed by default on the currently playing DVD. Please note that some DVDs prevent the disabling of subtitles (referred to as "Forced Subtitles") and there's nothing that can be done other than re-authoring the disc content or using a background application that removes this limitation in real-time (AnyDVD for example).

Auto-Disable Closed Captions
Many DVDs have closed captions (for the hearing impaired) enabled by default. When this setting is checked, Zoom Player tries to automatically hide close captions when playing a DVD. The difference between Subtitles and Closed Captions is that closed captions are intended for the hearing impaired and contain additional text description of audible events (such as door closing, people singing, etc).

Set Closed Captions Background to Transparent
When enabled, the Closed Caption background will become transparent against the video (rather than a black box).

Brute-Force apply Color Controls values every second
In some cases, the Color Control values may be lost due to driver issues. By enabling this setting, the color values are re-applied every second. Only enable this setting if your color control values are lost during DVD playback.

Assume DVD Menu at all times (prevents using the arrow key functions while a DVD is playing)
Some DVD titles may have bad menu identification codes, preventing Zoom Player from navigating the menus. By enabling this setting, Zoom Player will assume that it is navigating a DVD Menu at all times during DVD playback. Since the keyboard Arrow keys are used for both functions and menu navigation, this setting forces the keyboard arrow keys to function only with Menu Navigation.

Pressing Play in DVD Mode should search for DVD and BluRay content only in CD devices
By default, when pressing Play in DVD Mode, all drives are scanned for content. With this setting enabled, only DVD/Blu-Ray disc drives are scanned.

Use delayed DVD seek (seek only after letting go of the mouse cursor)
With this setting enabled, DVD seek operations performed from the timeline seek-bar are not executed until you let go of the mouse button. With this setting disabled, DVD seeks are instantaneous, which can be slow when playing from older DVD drive hardware.