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Introduction to the Timeline Text Display
The Control Bar (and the main user) displays a timeline. The information displayed within the timeline is fully customizable, allowing you to pick and choose which entries are displayed.

Play State
The current Zoom Player play state (Playing/Paused/Stopped/etc).

Track Number
The current playlist track number.

The current play position within the currently playing media.

Total Play Length
The total play length is the duration of the currently playing media.

Remaining Play Time
The time remaining on the currently playing media content.

Video Resolution
The video resolution of the currently playing media content.

Media File Name / DVD Title and Chapter
Depending on Media or DVD mode, either the file name or the DVD's Title and Chapter numbers will display.

Current Time
Shows the current time (a clock).

Idle State
Shows the current player mode (Audio/Media/DVD).

Show time seek position over timeline
When enabled, moving the mouse cursor over the timeline pops a small OSD hint displaying the position the Timeline will seek-to if the left mouse button is clicked. The "Select Font" button next to this setting provides a dialog to select the font used to display the seek-to information.

Show position preview thumbnail
This feature enables a thumbnail pop-up when hovering with the mouse cursor over the timeline area. Thumbnail creation currently works only with media formats that report index frames (AVI, MKV, MP4 and more). This feature requires LAV Filters installed from the Install Center.

Only if media reports key frames
With the "Show position preview thumbnail" setting enabled, this setting determines whether to try grabbing preview thumbnails if the playing media does not report key frames. Without key frame reporting, grabbing thumbnails may take much longer (especially with high resolution videos or videos with very few key/index frames).

Show chapter points on the Timeline
When enabled with supporting skins (the default 'Onyx' and bundled 'Alba' skins support this feature), visible chapter points will appear on the timeline. Hovering with the mouse cursor over a chapter point displays the time and chapter.

Show Timeline selection markers
Show timeline markers with functions that select a portion of a media's duration (AB-Repeat, Create ring tones, etc).