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BluRay support is limited to main movie playback of unencrypted content.
To detect the main movie, the BluRay playlist folder is scanned for the longest playlist (which Zoom Player assumes to be the main movie). It may be possible for the BluRay image to contain non-HD content (such as a documentary) that is longer than the movie itself. In such cases you can tweak the settings below to improve the main movie detection.

Let DirectShow filters handle BluRay parsing
When enabled, Zoom Player will not try to detect the movie title track on the BluRay disc, but instead let the DirectShow filter opening he BluRay index file (e.g. "LAV Filters") decide on the best title track itself.

Add secondary movie tracks (sorted by duration) if duration is longer than (minutes)
With this setting enabled, Zoom Player automatically adds all matching BluRay tracks, sorted by duration (longer first) to the playlist. Once in the playlist, you can switch tracks using the next/previous track button/function.

Prefer HD content as the main movie if the track duration is longer than (minutes)
When enabled, a detected BluRay playlist containing HD content of a specified duration is detected as the main movie over an SD (DVD quality) of longer duration. Setting a value of "0" will prevent Zoom Player from playing non-HD content.