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Using the integrated Web Server

When enabled through the options dialog (Adv. Options / System), the internal web server allows you to access player functionality by passing a URL address to the web server.

Several types of functions can be passed to the server:
  1. Standard Functions ("fn" function)
    Sample URL: <A HREF="&amp;zpfunc=fnPlay">Play / Pause</A>

  2. Extended Functions ("ex" function, requires a parameter)
    Sample URL: <A HREF="&amp;zpfunc=exOpenDrive,4">Open Drive E</A>

  3. Navigation Functions ("nv" function)
    Sample URL: <A HREF="&amp;zpfunc=nvSelect">Navigation Select (enter)</A>

  4. Navigation Key Search ("ns" function, requires a keyboard character value)
    Sample URL: <A HREF="&amp;zpfunc=ns,G">Navigation Search Input (G)</A>
    Sample URL: <A HREF="&amp;zpfunc=ns,WildFox">Navigation Search Input (WildFox)</A>
    Sample URL: <A HREF="&amp;zpfunc=ns,*8">Navigation Search Input (Backspace)</A>

For the complete function list, click here.

You may have noticed we used "&amp;" instead of "&" as part of the URL address. This is due to the "&" character being a control character in HTML (the player sees the corrected structure).

To create your own layout, you must edit the HTML file the player is serving. By default, the player serves "index.html" from within the "WebServer" folder.

Special URL codes:
&refresh=1 : Instruct the player to re-send the web page to the browser.
&focus=1 : Instruct the player to take come to the top and take keyboard focus.

To access the web control interface you just need to specify the IP address and Port of the computer running the player (and web server). For example, "" will access the player's web server on the same computer at the default port.