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Displaying Subtitles with Zoom Player

Zoom Player can display subtitles on top of the video when playing media files under the following conditions:
  1. You must have DirectVobSub (VSFilter) installed on your system.
  2. When displaying external subtitle files (such as files with the ".srt" extension), the subtitle file name should match the video file name with an optional language identifier. Valid examples:

    An invalid example:

With a media file and subtitle displaying, you can modify various aspects of the subtitle by pressing Alt+"S" to bring up the configuration dialog. An interesting feature for people who are not using Widescreen TVs is the setting to add "Vertical Padding" in which widescreen content is padded so that the subtitles can appear under the video area (in the black bars). This is done by setting Vertical Padding to "Extend to 4:3" (you need to reload the video to have the setting take effect) and then enabling "Override Placement" and setting the "V" to a higher value (this is done in real-time and you can see how it works with a video playing).

Another interesting setting is the ability to configure the "Text Settings". It is recommended to disable Shadow by moving its track bar all the way to the left.