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The Play History Format (zplayer.playcache)

The 'zplayer.playcache' file stores the play history and history related values such as audio volume level, last play position, etc.

The playcache file is UNICODE encoded, each line in the file (separated by CRLF) contains blocks of information kept for each media entry or file:

DescriptionBlock Type
Media Name|N .. |n
Media Title|E .. |e
Media Path|T .. |t
Media Date|D .. |d
Media Size|S .. |s
Last Media Position (Frame)|P .. |p
Last Media Position (Second)|C .. |c
Last Play Date|L .. |l
Volume Level|V .. |v
Hash Value|H .. |h
Active Subtitle track|B .. |b
Active Audio track|A .. |a

Last play date can have a negative value indicting that the user chose not to save this information and prevent the entry from showing up in the play history list.

The time format used is based on Delphi's TDateTime.