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Why does the video image appear inverted (upside-down) in media mode?

This is a problem with certain DIVX files decoded by an older DIVX decoder and usually in combination with the DirectVobSub filter (used to display subtitles with media files).

To resolve this issue, there are certain things you should try. The first is making sure you have the latest version of DirectVobSub installed (you can find it here), and a recent version of a DIVX decoder such as FFDShow.

Next try setting Zoom Player to use the VMR9 as a Renderer (Advanced Options / Playback / Video).

And lastly use the right-click context menu (with a video loaded), go to the Stream Selection entry and select "Flipped Picture".

With some DivX video files, if their width is a division of 8 (rather than the recommended 32) the video may appear upside down and there's nothing that can be done about it. This isn't specific to Zoom Player, it also effects Media Player (FFDShow seems to be able to handle these files well and display them properly).