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"*"  = New
"+"  = Change
 "-"  = Fix

--- What's new in Zoom Player v14 beta 1:

 New :

  * New Download & Tracking plugin API has been developed.
    The API specifies which file extensions or url sub-string matches to
    pass to the Download & Tracking API instead of trying to play.

    This information is specified under:
    Adv. Options / File Format Association / File Extensions : Download
    The API can be used create a plugin that integrate with 3rd party
    download software or directly download the content itself.
    The tracking portion of the API shows the currently download state
    and whether there's a good chance the download is currently playbable.
    This information is displayed in the media library, file browsing and
    download tracking fullscreen navigation interfaces.
  * New Torrent download plugin.
    The torrent download plugin uses the Download & Tracking API to
    pass torrent URLs and magnetic links directly to the open-source
    qBitTorrent project:
    Once a torrent is added to qBitTorrent, you can track the download
    state of each file in the torrent using the download tracking fullscreen
    navigation interface

  * New Playlist media library source plugin that lets you assign
    any playlist as a media library category.

  * New setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Controls) that controls
    whether Zoom Player switches to the next/previous track when using
    next/previous chapter function on a media that does not contain chapters.
    This setting is enabled by default.

  * New setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Audio / Visualizations) that can
    force playback to delay for a specified number of milliseconds after
    finishing to play a track with audio visualizations.

  * New "Scrape using media derived title (instead of file name)"
    media library category setting used to scrape online for content
    based on the media's title (instead of the file name).

  * New "Do not display the media's position/duration on top of thumbnails"
    media library category setting to prevent the current play position and
    the media's duration from appearing on top of thumbnails.
  * New "Do not display a media format (audio/video/picture) icon on top of
    thumbnails" media library category setting to prevent the drawing of a
    media format indicator icon from appearing on top of thumbnails.

 Changes :	
  + The media library 'RSS Feed' plugin now caps the maximum cached entries
    to 2000 and the description length to 3500 characters.  Otherwise, over
    time the RSS plugin data would become too large and would stop displaying.

 Fixes :

  - Zoom Player didn't look for subtitles in the XySubFilter's
    paths definition, causing subtitles not to load when they
    were not in the same folder as the video.

  - The Zoom Player Install Center and Zoom Player itself were out of
    synch, triggering a new components update notification to appear
    within 2 weeks after runing the Instal Center.

  - When enabling the "Seek to key-frames when using LAV Video decoder
    (faster, less accurate seeking)" setting, some file handles were not
    properly closed, preventing the playing media from being erased
    until Zoom Player was closed.

  - The key-mapping editor's search feature did not work.

  - Fixed a freeze triggered by the media library's 'RSS Feed' plugin on
    certain RSS feeds that used an ascii #13 as a line break.

  - When playing a SHOUTcast stream, the playlist editor cleared the
    selected entry every second.

  - Smart Play's "Configure File Source" dialog did not set a default
    value for the "Use with" field when a non-english language pack was

  - The Windows Picture Library and Music Library (system folders) may not
    have displayed with the correct thumbnail layout in the media library.

  - Double-clicking a station list entry to begin playback while the
    media library was opened could trigger a playback of whatever was
    highlighted in the media library instead of the station list entry.

  - In some cases, when using the "Media Close Delay" feature, the delay
    would be twice as long as the specified value.

  - Debug logs related to kinetic scrolling were being saved by the
    non-debug version.

 --- What's new in Zoom Player v14 beta 2:

 New :

  * New feature (Adv. Options / Playback / History) to prevent files or
    URLs from being saved to the play history.  All you need to do is
    specify a partial string, for example "\some folder name\" or

  * New feature (Adv. Options / Playback / History) to hide files or
    URLs from being displayed in the play history dialogs while
    still remember the last playback position, volume, subtitle track,
    etc.  All you need to do is specify a partial string, for example
    "\some folder name\" or "someurl.org".

  * New feature (Adv. Options / Playback / Controls) to disable seeking
    controls when playing files or URLs containing a specified path or text.

  * New feature (Adv. Options / Playback / Audio / Visualizations) to
    override the audio renderer when playing with visualization.
    This allows you to use the "DC-Crossfading Audio Renderer" to support a
    volume fading effect on Start/End/Play/Stop/Seek only when playing with
    visualizations. This is similar to how WinAmp fades audio between tracks.

    Download the DC-Crossfading Audio Renderer here:

  * You can now create and save chapter points (bookmarks) for streaming URLs.

  * The fullscreen information navigation interface now includes media format
    information extracted using the MediaInfo.dll plugin.

  * New "exSetAudTrack" extended function that sets the current audio track.

  * New "exSetSubTrack" extended function that sets the current subtitle track.

 Changes :	
  + The internal image decoder (JPEG/GIF/PNG/BMP) is now capable of
    downloading and displaying images directly from web servers
    (e.g. a playlist full of image URLs).

  + The playlist fullscreen navigation interface now draws a playing icon
    next to the currently playing track.

  + The YouTube Search and Trending media library plugins will now use a
    search/trending thumbnail when creating new categories.
    This change does not apply to previously created categories.
    The new images can be manually assigned using the category configuration
    By default the new images are located here using Windows 64bit:
    "c:\Program Files (x86)\Zoom Player\MediaNavPlugins\YouTube_Search.jpg"
    "c:\Program Files (x86)\Zoom Player\MediaNavPlugins\YouTube_Trending.jpg"

    And here using Windows 32bit:
    "c:\Program Files\Zoom Player\MediaNavPlugins\YouTube_Search.jpg"
    "c:\Program Files\Zoom Player\MediaNavPlugins\YouTube_Trending.jpg"

  + The media library plugin API can now accept local-file thumbnails
    when creating new categories.

 Fixes :

  - Fixed a crash when trying to load a malformed play history cache file.

  - With some language packs, the text for the station manager's left
    column would cut-off.

  - Playing a media from the windows explorer (or other 3rd party software)
    would show an "are you sure?" prompt by accident.

  - Playback of ASX playlists did not work.

 --- What's new in Zoom Player v14 beta 3:

 New :

  * The Torrents plugin and the fullscreen download tracking navigation
    interface have been enhanced with the ability to predict when you can
    begin playing a media file while it is still downloading.

    The prediction is based on the number of torrent pieces that have
    successfully downloaded from the beginning and end of the media file.

    By default this is 2% from the beginning of the file and 1% from the end.

    Please note that the torrent playback readiness prediction requires
    a custom qBitTorrent EXE that supports an enhanced API that Zoom Player
    uses to understand which part of the file have finished downloading.
    Until these enhancement are part of an official release, you can test
    the new feature by downloading qBitTorrent 3.4 beta 2 64bit here.
    And then replacing "qbittorrent.exe" with this update:
    Without the updated qBitTorrent EXE you will see a "?" next to the file
    names in the download tracker instead of the playback readiness icons and
    new torrents will not download automatically in sequential order.

    A quick slideshow demonstrating how the Torrents plugin looks and works:

    We are building a library and possibly a seed-box to show case public-
    domain and creative commons videos. If you would like to expose your video
    to Zoom Player's user base, please contact us at:

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Playlist) to automatically play
    the next media in the playlist after deleting the currently playing
    media. This setting is disabled by default.

  * When taking screenshots of the playing video (Alt+F keyboard macro), 
    the current play position is now saved as part of the file name.

 Changes :	
  + Pruning the play history (using the button) no longer erases URL entries,
    only local files that were erased from the disk drive.

  + Using the "open streaming link" or "open streaming link from keyboard"
    functions will now relay downloadable URLs to any matching download plugin
    (for example .torrent/magnet links) without affecting the current playback.

  + The thumbnail and meta-data cache folder is now cleared once
    a week instead of on every exit, improving the time it takes
    Zoom Player to close.

  + The "unknown" icon has been updated to better suit the UX design.

 Fixes :

  - [Introduced in v14 b2] The TAG display when playing audio files did not
    display at all or would display a lot of low-level information on the
    playing file that should have only displayed in information dialogs.

 --- What's new in Zoom Player v14 beta 4:

 New :

  * The media library fullscreen interface's settings page can now be used
    to select the Audio Rendering device (audio output), making it easy to
    switch between different output modes (switching audio between rooms,
    speaker setups, headphone output, etc).

  * The media library fullscreen interface's settings page can now be used
    to select the Video Rendering device, making it easy to test out
    different rendering qualities or in cases where a particular video
    may not play correctly in your preferred video renderer.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / On Screen Display) that controls the OSD
    clock position.

  * New (optional) control bar button to open/hide the fullscreen stream
    selection navigation interface.

 Fixes :

  - Installing an audio device or a custom audio renderer filter would
    change the selected audio renderer for DVDs and WMP ActiveX playback.

  - The controlbar's volume pop-up slider did not appear in the correct
    position under some circumstances.

  - Fixed a glitch where TAG display for a local file playback would show
    "???" instead of international characters.

  - Fixed an issue where audio visualization wouldn't render in the correct
    resolution when changing the visualization display size.

  - The Torrents download tracking plugin did not handle character decoding
    correctly for non-english characters.

  - Wrong duration displayed in the playlist when using Windows Media Player's
    ActiveX control to play streaming media.


  * The Complete Change list history can be found on-line at: