Join the Inmatrix Affiliate Program and Promote our Products

Inmatrix products have been sold worldwide to millions of customers and built a profound reputation. If you appreciates Inmatrix products and want to help us promote them, and in return make some money from your web site, you are welcome to join the Inmatrix Affiliate Program at any time.

To become a successful affiliate, there are no extra special skills that are required. Just use your personal website, Facebook account, Yahoo answers, Adwords, Articles, Forums, etc to post links which direct traffic to the Inmatrix website, or advise people to use Inmatrix products, and then you can earn quite a lot of extra money out of this. Please remember, use your affiliate links from CleverBridge to get commission on any products purchased!

Download links offer affiliates the security of getting commission on their sales, as not only your affiliate ID is placed in the user's browser but also in the buy button of the application (for affiliate branded versions of Inmatrix products). This insures that you get commission even if the client uses a different browser than he originally downloaded the application with.

Commission Rate
The default commission is from 30% to 50%. For power affiliates, we provides 60% commission on all products. If you can sell more than 500 copies of Inmatrix products per month, you can get paid 80% commission.

Inmatrix PADs
Here below, you can find the PAD links for all the current Inmatrix products.
Zoom Player MAX:
Zoom Commander:

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

  1. How much does it cost to become an Affiliate?
    Signing-up as an Inmatrix affiliate is totally free.
    No setup fee, no startup cost, no hidden performance targets to reach!

  2. Instead of the affiliate program, I would prefer to become a reseller. What do you suggest?
    In this case, please contact us here. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  3. When am I paid?
    You will be paid by Cleverbridge, the affiliate program we are using. You can set up your payment schedule. A minimum month target of 100 EURO/100 USD has to be reached; otherwise the value of the commission will be reported for the following month.

  4. How can I add additional tracking to know where my sales are coming from?
    You can append an additional tracking value on the Affiliate Center's "Get Links" page, reporting will reflect this additional value.

    Below is a sample URL with "TRACKER01" used as the tracking code:

  5. Can I use coupons, where do I get them?
    We provide discount coupons for promoted events, please contact your affiliate manager to coordinate a promotion.

  6. How can I get a custom version of Zoom Player or other Inmatrix products embedded with my affiliate code?
    Please contact your affiliate manager with the name of the product you would like to distribute along with your embedded affiliate code. Please provide as much information on your promotional plans for the custom installer.

  7. How long is a cookie’s life?
    The default cookie duration is 365 days, however you can define the cookie duration in an affiliate link by adding the parameter "expiry=90", for example:

  8. Can I use Inmatrix banners and product description on my website?
    Sure, to help you promote our products, all the texts, images, and banners from Inmatrix Website and Gallery are available for you to embed in your own website.

Affiliate Agreement
Any affiliate promoting Inmatrix products agrees to abide by the following policies. Any affiliate breaking any clause of this agreement will have their affiliate account closed.

Affiliates are NOT ALLOWED to:

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