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Configuring your system for Remote Control through Girder

Girder is a system-automation tool for remote controlling your PC. It is a powerful and flexible tool to use alongside Zoom Player to enable Remote Control support.

This article will teach you how to configure Girder to easily integrate with Zoom Player.

This article assumes you have the latest version of Zoom Player installed. Download the latest version of Girder from the Girder home page, install and run it. Next, run Zoom Player and open the Zoom Player Options Dialog (Ctrl+"O"). If the Options Dialog is not in "Advanced Mode", click on the "Advanced Mode" button on the lowest-leftmost area on the Options Dialog.

Exporting the Zoom Player commands:
With the Advanced Options Dialog visible, click on the "Help/Export" button, which is on the lowest section of the dialog. You will be prompted with a context-menu. Select "Export/Girder Commands". A confirmation dialog informing you that the Girder Command file would be saved to the Zoom Player directory will appear. Click "OK". An information dialog would now appear, reminding you to enable the Girder "SendMessage" plug-in (more on this later on). Click "OK".