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The Zoom Player Blog

Zoom Player v19 final
Managing multiple active playlists in Zoom Player v19

Published June 17th, 2024

For avid music listeners or those who love to keep their audio and video collections organized, we often find ourselves juggling multiple playlists for different moods, occasions, and content types. This is where Zoom Player shines with its user-friendly playlist management features. more

Zoom Player v19 final
Zoom Player v19 has been released

Published June 13th, 2024

Over the past year, I have been working hard to ensure Zoom Player maintains its crown as the most versatile Media Player and Home Theater PC software for Windows. I've kept in constant communication with Zoom Player's user base, and software enthusiasts from across the world to better understand which features would. more

Live Coding #2
Live Coding #3 : Multiple Playlists Part 2

Published June 12th, 2024

In this session, I complete the multiple playlist feature by adding an option to load a playlist from file, manage playlists and restore the multiple playlists on load using a background thread so performance is not impacted even when using massive playlists with 1000's of tracks each. more

Live Coding #2
Live Coding #2 : Multiple Playlists Part 1

Published May 29th, 2024

In this Zoom Player coding session, I begin development of the new multiple playlists feature that allows you to instantly switch between massive playlists that reside in system memory. more

Live Coding #1
Live Coding #1 : Cast to Chromecast & Bug fix

Published May 22nd, 2024

I start by fixing a bug that caused the default background image to show for a split-second when drag & dropping a new media file onto the player window and I finish by implementing the new "Cast to Device" feature. more
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Zoom Player's Charcoal skin

Zoom Player's Alba skin

Zoom Player's Windowed user interface

Zoom Player's Playlist editor

Zoom Player's IPTV Interface

Zoom Player's Fullscreen user interface and Control bar

Zoom Player's Main fullscreen navigation interface

Media Library movie mode fullscreen navigation interface quick usage guide screenshot

Media Library Movie JukeBox mode fullscreen navigation interface quick usage guide screenshot

Media Library TV JukeBox mode fullscreen navigation interface quick usage guide screenshot

Media Library video mode fullscreen navigation interface quick usage guide screenshot

Zoom Player's Media Library fullscreen navigation interface

Zoom Player's Audio bar mode

Zoom Player's Windowed Equalizer

Zoom Player's Additional control bar buttons

Zoom Player's Main right-click context menu

Zoom Player's Timeline right-click context menu

Video Tutorials
Introduction to Media Mode
Introduction to Audio Mode
Introduction to DVD Mode
YouTube Channels, Trends & Searches
Using the Playlist Editor
Using the Control Bar
Using the Media Center navigation interfaces
Download missing components with the Install Center
Enabling Video Hardware Acceleration
Controlling the Video Aspect Ratio
Using the Keyboard to control Zoom Player
Using the Equalizer
Creating Chapters & Bookmarks
Virtual Video Editing
Using the Advanced Playlist Control interface
Using Command Line Parameters to control Zoom Player
Using the right-click context menu
Setup & Configuration:
Getting help using Zoom Player
Downloading Subtitles
Displaying Video Subtitles
Configure Smart Play Decoders & Settings
Setting up the Media Library Folders & Categories
Media Library Thumbnail view mode setup and usage
How to setup the Media Library for Movie Scraping
Setting up your system for Multi-Monitor configuration (Part 1)
Setting up your system for Multi-Monitor configuration (Part 2)
Creating RingTones from Media Files
Selecting the active Audio Device
Digitally output Dolby Digital & DTS audio over S/DPIF
Changing the user interface Language
Associating media files with Zoom Player
Auto loading Multi-Part media files
Video Post Processing with FFDShow
Setting up the Mouse Buttons
Re-mapping the Zoom Player keyboard shortcuts
Switching between skin modes
Changing the Background Image