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Why should you buy Zoom Player Professional?

Zoom Player Professional builds on the extensive features of Zoom Player Standard and expands them with Powerful ever-growing list of functionalities that come into play in every day usage.

DVD Navigation:
Zoom Player contains the most powerful DVD Navigation Front-End, allowing you to pick and choose between various 3rd party Audio and Video Decoders with optional Post Processing filters to further enhance your playback quality to a level previously unattainable.

The DVD feature-set is the most complete and flexible on the market today.

Customized Media Playback:
There is a major issue when playing media files under windows today as 3rd party programs can install components that interfere with stable playback. Zoom Player Professional can get around this problem by using a Customized Media Playback interface, allowing you to use profiles in order to choose how a specific media format should be played.

The Customized Media Playback interface further extends the standard interface to allow you to decode specific file formats (either by content or by file extension) using specific user-selected decoders, giving you the most flexible control over media playback you could imagine.

Zoom Player further lets you choose which audio and video devices to use when playing the video, ensuring optimum quality under any condition.

Incomplete and Locked File Playback:
Zoom Player can play incomplete AVI and other media files as they are being downloaded by Peer 2 Peer networks such as eMule or Kazaa while maintaining maximum playback stability and seeking capabilities.

Streaming Playback:
Zoom Player Professional can detect file changes as they are written and at the end of the file it can reload it and resume playing with the new data, this makes it ideal for playing of video-capture data such as DVB streams.

Auto Audio/Subtitle stream selection:
Zoom Player can automatically select Audio and Subtitle streams in media files according to the language name (text match), country code or index number.

Playback from within Archive files:
Zoom Player can automatically extract and play the content of Archive files and other solid formats such as AlbumWrap.

Interactive Navigational Interfaces:
Zoom Player Professional allows you to interface with most of its controls using OSD Navigational interfaces. These interfaces allow you to browse your hard drive and media library, resize and reposition the video, seek directly to any position in the timeline and much much more. The Navigational interfaces are easily controlled through a 5 button interface similar to DVD Menus (left/right/up/down/select). An optimal interface for Remote Controlling your computer.

Zoom Player WMV Professional:
Zoom Player is also available in a WMV Professional version, giving you DRM playback capabilities for Windows Media content. To learn more, Click Here.

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