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--- What's new in Zoom Player v13:

 New :

  * New media library plugin system allowing 3rd party developers
    to create media library categories based on content meta-data
    provided by the plugin.
  * To demonstrate the capabilities of the new media library plugin
    system, an open-source project has been created to implement a
    'YouTube channel', 'YouTube Search' and 'YouTube Trends' media
    library category plugins.
    - YouTube Channels:
    After specifying a YouTube channel's URL, the plugin automatically
    downloads the channel's category image, retrieves the channel's
    name and sets up the default category settings and layout best
    suited to display a YouTube channel.
    - YouTube Searches:
    Simply specify a search term and the plugin will return results
    based on relevance (as determined by YouTube).

    - YouTube Trends:
    Select a country and the plugin displays the available trending
    categories as determined by YouTube for that country.   
    Choose from the trending category list or simply select 'everything'.

    - Using the plugins:
    The new plugins are accessible through the Media Library category
    editor (Shift+"M") as entries on a new drop-down list that is
    located right next to the "Create Category" button.

    The source code for the YouTube media library category plugins
    can be found on GitHub:
    Please contribute!

  * To demonstrate the capabilities of the new media library plugin
    system, an open-source project has been created to implement a
    'RSS Feed' category plugin.
    Any media specified in the RSS feed URL will be listed in the
    media library category.

    The source code for the 'RSS Feed' media library category plugin
    can be found on GitHub:

  * New subtitle download plugin system allowing 3rd party developers
    to create plugins that download subtitles for your media library

  * To demonstrate the capabilities of the new subtitle download plugin
    system, an open-source project has been created to implement an
    'OpenSubtitles.org' subtitle download plugin.
    The new plugin is accessible on the newly re-designed Advanced
    Options dialog's "Subtitle"  page (Playback / Video / Subtitles).

    OpenSubtitles.org limits anonymous downloads by IP, use
    the configuration dialog to specify a user name and password to
    bypass any anonymous login limits (registration is free and
    passwords are saved as MD5 hashes not as clear text).

    The code for the 'OpenSubtitles.org' subtitle download plugin can
    be found on GitHub:

  * New YouTube IFRAME (web based) player support, providing official YouTube
    playback.  All YouTube URLs automatically use the new IFRAME player interface.
    You can disable the IFRAME player support in the options to force Zoom Player
    to use DirectShow for playback (Adv. Options / Playback > Use YouTube IFRAME
    video player to play YouTube content).

  * You can now assign extended functions and execute external programs
    using the Hot Corner feature.  Sadly, this enhancement forced the
    reset of the previously assigned Hot Corner functions.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Smart Play) that allows you
    to select the default filter used when streaming "http/https" URLs not
    covered by a Smart Play profile.
    The default option is now "LAV Splitter Source", but you can also choose
    "File Source (URL)" or "Let DirectShow decide".
  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / 
    Customization) that switches the media library's thumbnail view
    category list aspect ratio between Album Art (1:1) or Widescreen (16:9).

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface) that can disable the new
    "Please Wait" / "Loading" pop-up window that appears for long
    lasting operations (e.g. opening a network stream for playback).

  * New Media Library option for the "Start Player in" setting.
    (Adv. Options / Interface / Position & Size).

  * New smart play profile for media files encoded with the DNxHD codec.

  * New "Please Wait" / "Loading" window that pops-up when there are operations
    that are taking a long time (like fetching a YouTube channel's video list).

  * Media titles are now used instead of the File name/URL on the system tray
    hint and on the windows taskbar button.

  * The play history now saves media titles, making play history clearer,
    especially with network streams and media library plugins.   

  * New skin script code to control the media library's bottom meta-data's
    font and font style of each meta-data element.   

 Changes :	
  + The fullscreen navigation icons are now loaded on demand instead of all
    in advanced, reducing memory usage and cutting down the initial startup
    time by approximately 33%.

  + The default navigation interface has been reduced in size by 15%, improving
    Zoom Player's initial fullscreen navigation interfaces start time on
    PCs with slower HDD/Flash drives.

  + Pressing the "Open Media Library" button on the media library
    category editor now opens the media library with the current
    edited category selected.

  + The play history dialog will now display the recently played items
    first in the list.

  + The play history dialog should now open significantly faster
    (nearly instantly), especially with a play history database of
    over 10,000 entries.

  + The DVD Bookmark editor generates more descriptive bookmark names
    and includes the text specified next to the "Add Chapter" button.

  + The DVD Bookmark fullscreen navigation interface will now let you
    seek to a DVD Chapter.  A new icon is displayed next to each entry
    to signify if it's a DVD Chapter or a Saved bookmark.

  + The time display on thumbnails used to show videos with a duration
    of under 10 minutes as "09:30", this have now changed to show "9:30",
    saving a bit more of the thumbnail area.

  + When opening the media library, the last played position for the
    currently playing media is now updated straight away (previously
    it would update when the playing media was closed).

  + The Open URL function now tries to identify a URL in the windows
    clipboard.  If a valid URL is detected, it automatically filled
    into the open url dialog, otherwise the last opened URL is shown
    by default.

  + The station list dialog now remembers and restores the scroll offset
    within the station list, restoring the dialog to it's last display
    position each time.

  + Updated MediaInfo to v0.7.92.1.
 Fixes :

  - Shifting/Zooming the video screen position while in fullscreen would
    break the Hot Corners feature.

  - Fixed a very rare case where opening a media file could trigger
    a freeze if the background thread that grabs the media's duration
    was active.

  - Play history should now restore position for URL streams.

  - Fixed an issue where playing a SHOUTcast/ICEcast streaming station
    and then restarting Zoom Player would not allow you to resume playing
    the previous station from the playlist.

  - The media library's category list would use the wrong aspect ratio
    thumbnail in some cases where the active category was password

  - Switching the Media Library's category filter mode would reload the
    active category's content.  Now the content is only read when entering
    the category, speeding up the category filter switch.

  - Fixed an issue where the media library's path would not show
    any text at all.

  - Accessing the media library's category screen could at times
    trigger an unnecessary reload of the category's content.

  - Fixed a stack-overflow crash when trying to open a playlist that
    contained the playlist's file name as an entry (creating a loop).

    I would like to thank Sultan Albalawi for the report:

  - Using the "Open Webpage" function did not work for secure HTTP
    (links starting with "https://").

  - Switching the Zoom Player language pack to a non-english language
    could have caused the favorite station list to be wiped.

  - The word "PreAmp" was hard coded into Zoom Player instead of using
    the translated text when using a non-english language pack.

  - Open the equalizer without ever opening the playlist editor could
    trigger a weird state where the equalizer always initially show
    up docked under the main window.

  - Using the backspace key after using the media library's movie
    jukebox mode's file view now returns to jukebox movie view instead
    of thumbnail view.

  - Adding media entries to the playlist using the media library's
    function menu did not add the media's title (only the file name/URL).

  - The playlist editor's "Add streaming URL" button did not use the
    newer open URL dialog.

  - Opening the fullscreen chapter/bookmark navigation interface
    did not pause playback when the setting to do so was enabled.

  - Ejecting a drive/device while playing a stream would cause the
    stream playback to stop.

  - When the media library is opened and the previously opened folder
    no longer exists, the media library will try to go up the folder
    tree to the first parent folder that exists.

  - Trying to take a screenshot from a live stream or a media file with a very
    long file name did not work.

  - Fixed an issue when OSD messages would not appear if the
    "Use Exclusive Fullscreen with VMR9 Renderless mode (use with care)"
    setting was enabled in some cases.

    This same bug caused screen-refresh issues with some of the fullscreen
    navigation pages under some conditions.

  - Media Library categories containg the "&" character in their name did not
    list correctly in the category editor, showing up as "_" instead of "&".

  - When the media library's dynamic scrollbar was disabled, it still triggered
    unnecessary screen updates.

  - When the media library updated the clock, it would not clear the background
    behind the path area, causing small cosmetic glitches.

  - Wrote a work-around for M3U UTF8 encoded playlists that were not properly
    marked as UTF8 using a BOM.


  * The Complete Change list history can be found on-line at:

--- End.