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--- What's new in Zoom Player v12.1:

 New :

  * Kinetic scrolling has been rewritten from scratch, it should now be
    a lot more responsive and accurate, especially when used on lower-end
    PCs and Tablets.

    The kinetic acceleration/deceleration speed settings have also been
    tweaked and are now more reasonable.

  * Zoom Player FREE now provides a trial period for using some of
    Zoom Player MAX's features (e.g. fullscreen navigation interfaces,
    play history, audio visualizations, playback scheduler and more!).

  * You can now assign custom functions to XInput (e.g. XBOX controller)
    left and right thumb stick clicks.  By default the left and right
    thumb clicks do nothing.

  * Changing some of the setting on the media library category editor's
    "Category Configuration" dialog now prompts you to flag the content
    of the category for re-scraping.

  * New media library category setting to completely disable the
    category from scraping for metadata.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / System), allowing you to choose the
    Zoom Player task bar icon (either current or from version 11).

    This setting will not work if the windows taskbar is set to
    combine buttons.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Playlist) to automatically show
    the playlist editor when exiting fullscreen mode.

  * Three new extended functions:
    exSeekAheadPercent : Seek Ahead (percent of duration)
    exSeekBackPercent  : Seek Back (percent of duration)
    exSeekToPercent    : Seek To (percent of duration)

  * The fullscreen navigation scrollbar source image can now be any
    resolution, adding skinning support for sharp 4K resolution scroll bars.

  * The control bar's fixed position close and volume slider buttons have
    received mouse-hover visual cues.

 Changes :	
  + The notification to upgrade an old license is no longer shown every time
    Zoom Player is launched.  It will show up every few days instead.

  + When notified of a new version release, a special message will now show
    up to notify you that your current license may be too old to use with
    the new version.

  + Clicking/Touching an unselected thumbnail in the media library now
    selects the thumbnail and displays any related meta-data instead
    of automatically starting playback.

  + Mouse wheel scrolling in the media library now scrolls the list instead
    of scrolling by changing the active thumbnail.

  + Content images used in Zoom Player FREE now come in full 1080p
    HD resolution (Zoom Player MAX already included the higher
    resolution images).

  + Some sections of the options dialog now more clearly turn to
    a "disabled" state when a parent setting that enables the
    functionality is turned off.

  + The XInput advanced options dialog section has been restructured.
 Fixes :

  - Pressing Smart Play's "Auto Configure" button on the basic options dialog
    would trigger a crash under some conditions.

  - Fixed a "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error when
    pressing enter on an entry in the playlist fullscreen navigation

  - Fixed a "List index out of bounds" error that triggered by bad
    audio visualization configuration.
  - Clicking the media library's thumb area did not always play the
    clicked thumbnail (it would play the media in the thumbnail above it).

  - Under some conditions, opening the media library would use a
    thumbnail aspect ratio from a different category.

  - Dragging to scroll the media library's thumbnail area did not work
    in the entire thumbnail area.

  - People who have purchased the Zoom Player lifetime license were
    accidentally shown an upgrade notice in some cases.

  - The media library bottom category-type filtering icons were accessible
    using the mouse even when they were not visible.

  - Fixed a possible rare freeze in cases where the media library navigation
    dialog was opened at the exact same time one of the file tracker threads
    (emule/utorrent/qbittorrent) was trying to synchronize.

  - Using the mouse wheel in combination with kinetic scrolling in the
    media library fullscreen interface would result in chaos.

  - When the media library's thumb view left/right bump actions were disabled,
    thus allowing you to use the left/right keys to scroll through thumb rows,
    the scroll bar did not appear when the active thumb jumped up/down a row.

  - Zoom Player should close much faster now.

  * The Complete Change list history can be found on-line at:

--- End.