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--- What's new in Zoom Player v13.1:

 New :

  * The default fullscreen navigation interface has been replaced with a
    clean new style that looks better and extends the available thumbnail
    area to squeeze in more pixels.

  * The media library category thumbnail view will now darken the area
    behind the thumbnail's text or media icon depending on the skin's
    script and advanced options customization settings.

  * Zoom Player support for streaming radio station is now fully integrated
    with the SHOUTcast Directory API, providing easy access to thousands of
    streaming radio stations.

    Unlike previous versions where Zoom Player used a static database which
    over time included more and more dead stations, the SHOUTcast directory
    is now downloaded in real time, ensuring that every station should be

  * Zoom Player now supports 3DYD YouTube Source filter's DASH streams,
    enabling DirectShow YouTube streaming at resolutions of 1080p/4K/8K.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Video) to force LAV Splitter to
    seek to key frames (faster seeking, less accurate) instead of the
    accurate seek position (slower seeking, perfectly accurate).

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback) to select the YouTube IFRAME
    Player's preferred streaming resolution, allowing you to stream
    1080p/4K/8K content using the IFRAME player.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback) that allows interactivity when
    playing YouTube content using the IFRAME player.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Display) to show the playing
    file's extension in the window title (default off).
  * New function to activate the internal screen saver.  This means that you
    can now hook user interface actions (like a hot-corner click) with
    activating the screen saver.

  * New function to copy the currently playing media's Path/URL to the
    windows clipboard.

  * New skin script parameters to control the text line count on each
    fullscreen navigation interface.

 Changes :	
  + The thumbnail duration display position should now be easier to read.
    The text's background is now using a different effect which should
    make the text stand out more against bright noisy thumbnails.

  + The Hot Mouse Tracking on the main fullscreen navigation interface
    has been disabled as it was inconsistent with the other interfaces'
    user experience.

  + The main fullscreen navigation interface's click logic has been changed
    to make it behave the same as the media library's thumb-click logic.

  + The "Open Streaming Link from clipboard" keyboard macro has changed from
    Alt+Shift+"U" to Alt+Ctrl+"U" to prevent conflicts with the DirectShow
    YouTube source filter which detects the held "Shift" key and pops a video
    streaming quality options dialog.

 Fixes :

  - The optimizations in v13 broke the play history dialog's unicode support.

  - Fixed a possible conflict between Zoom Player's internal DSP filter
    and bit-streaming DTS-HD and possibly other multi-channel audio formats.

  - A missing DLL prevented the Pixel Shaders from being compiled and used
    to post-process a video image.

  - The play history dialog's "Show All" button did not refresh the screen.

  - Playing a new track from the fullscreen playlist navigation interface
    no longer pops the playlist editor to the top.

  - Fixed a bug in the Media Library plugin API that prevented unicode
    (non-english) language searches from working using the YouTube search

  - The Media Library's function menu was missing the "Go to Top" entry.

  - The Media Library's "Safe Mode" feature was semi-broken allowing access
    the a category's setting from the media library's function menu.

  - Opening the media library through the main navigation interface would
    take longer than normal due to the highlighted category's content being
    read before actually entering the category.
  - The playlist fullscreen navigation interface used the wrong icon for URLs.

  - The "Please Wait" window was trying to write debug information to "C:\Log"
    and silently failing each time.

  - The RSS media library plugin was showing links containing ".MOV" as audio.

  - Fixed a small memory leak when using the options dialog.


  * The Complete Change list history can be found on-line at:

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