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--- What's new in Zoom Player v13.7:

 New :

  * The Media Library's settings page has been expanded to configure the
    layout of each category and the category list itself without ever
    exiting the fullscreen navigation interface.
    The following customization options are now available,    
    1. Aspect Ratio
    2. Text-Box lines
    3. Text height
    4. Horizontal spacing
    5. Vertical spacing
    1. Categories columns
    2. Categories Text-Box lines
    3. Categories Text height
    4. Text margins    

  * The default fullscreen navigation skin has been tweaked a bit and now
    includes a new variant with larger fonts for the visually impaired and
    small displays.

  * Support for automatically scaling of un-skinned dialogs based on the
    monitor's DPI setting.  This should help greatly on 4K or higher
    resolution screens. For 4K/8K skinned interfaces, there are several
    options at the Inmatrix.com shop.

  * YouTube subtitles are now supported when playing using DirectShow.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / 
    Customization) that specifies the number of columns drawn for the
    media library's category list thumbnails.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / 
    Customization) that specifies the text height used for drawing the
    media library's category list thumbnail text.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / 
    Customization) that specifies the number of text lines drawn for the
    media library's category list thumbnails.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / 
    Customization) that specifies the margin area around the media library's
    thumbnail text.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / System) to override scaling of un-skinned
    dialogs by using a custom value (Automatic/100%/125%/150%/200%/300%/400%).
    This manual control further enhanches usability for the visually impaired,
    regardless of screen resolution.

  * Support for qBitTorrent v3.3.13 new security enhancements. For older
    versions of Zoom Player, you must use qBitTorrent v3.3.12 to continue
    tracking your downloads.

  * Media Titles are now properly extracted and displayed with M4V/MP4 files.

  * Audio Visualization will now work for streaming audio stations if they
    are defined as "Radio" stations through the station manager.

  * New Smart Play setting to control which DirectShow filter is used to
    stream SHOUTcast and ICEcast streams.

  * New Smart Play profile setting that determines if Zoom Player should
    use a profile if the input is a file name, URL or both.
  * New Smart Play "MP3 (streaming)" profile used to specify which filter
    should be used with streaming MP3 files (by default LAV Source).

  * When playing live SHOUTcast/ICEcast streams, the on screen display
    now updates with the currently playing track name.

  * The internal screen saver now displays the playing media's current play

  * New "fnTitleToClipboard" function to copy the currently playing media's
    title to the clipboard.

  * New "fnToggleSub" function to toggle subtitles on and off.

  * New "fnMediaSrcToClipboard" function that copies the playing media
    file or URL directly from the playing DirectShow source filter to
    the Windows clipboard.

  * New "fnWMPActiveX" function to enable/disable Windows media content
    streaming using Windows Media Player's ActiveX control.

  * New "exWMPActiveX" extended function to directly set whether Windows media
    content streaming will use Windows Media Player's ActiveX control.
    0 = Disabled
    1 = Enabled

 Changes :	
  + A cooperation with TheAudioDB.com resulted in an improved album-name
    identification algorithm (used for scraping Album meta-data and
    cover art within the Media Library).

  + The media library's thumbnail font size configuration was calculated in
    a poorly conceived manner that made it difficult to change a thumbnail's
    font size and line numbers while maintaining consistency across different
    thumbnail aspect ratios.
    This has led to a complete rewrite of the text rendering code and new
    defaults being applied which may affect your previous thumbnail layout

  + Switching between categories should update the thumbnails a bit quicker
    (~300ms) if they were previously memory cached.

  + Adding a station to the station manager now automatically highlights
    the newly created station.

  + LAV Source is now used by default for SHOUTcast type streams.

  + When using LAV Source to stream SHOUTcast/ICEcast content, the playing
    track's now is now properly displayed in the title and timeline areas.

  + Opening a ".PLS" playlist containing URLs is now assumed to contain
    SHOUTcast streaming audio stations.

  + The Options dialog search window still appeared too small on
    very high resolution screens, will now show more result lines.

  + Slightly tweaked the SHOUTcast station browser dialog to increase space
    for translated texts.

 Fixes :

  - Fixed a crash when listing some RSS streams in the media library.

  - Fixed a "category is empty" message when trying to list RSS streams with
    very long descriptions.

  - Playing ICEcast ".xspf" streams did not work with some servers.

  - Deleting a media library cateogry using the media library "remove
    category" feature left some cache files behind when clicking the
    trash can icon (pressing enter or double-clicking did not trigger
    this issue).

  - An "new components update on the install center" notification was
    accidentally triggered by Install Center update entries for Zoom Player
    itself (which has a separate update notification), resulting in a
    double notification.

  - The Mouse Wheel, Navigation Style, Information, Main, Stream Selection,
    Media Scanner and Play History were showing the wrong number of text
    lines which caused the list to appear slightly off-center.

  - Pressing the "Auto-Scan System" button on the Audio Visualization
    Adv. Options dialog page would trigger a crash with some Sonique
    plugins preventing the scan from functioning.  Now the crashing
    plugin is skipped.

  - Adding too many audio visualization plugins would cause the plugin
    list to reset once Zoom Player was restarted.

  - Disabling Smart Play by specifying a file extension to ignore would also
    break Smart Play for URLs or files that did not contain a file extension.

  - Adding a station using either the Station Manager's SHOUTcast station
    browser or using the fullscreen station navigation interface did not
    work if a non-english language pack was in use.

  - In the Station list fullscreen navigation interface, the "Previous
    Folder" function worked on the root level even though there was
    no folder above it, resulting in an empty screen display.

  - In the Station list fullscreen navigation interface, navigating
    left from the functions page would go up a folder instead of
    returning to the station list.

  - When setting the thumbnail text to appear above the thumbnail, the
    media library's category thumbnail display would improperly position
    the thumbnail under the text.

  - The media library category cache did not function properly, leading
    to a slight performance hit when initially opening the media library.

  - The Graph Information dialog did not display unicode text correctly.

  - Fixed a few crashs when zpresampler.dll was not found.

  - Cosmetic fixes to various dialogs.


  * The Complete Change list history can be found on-line at:

--- End.