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--- What's new in Zoom Player v12.6:

 New :

  * New Advanced Options page that controls Zoom Player's behavior when
    a monitor is attached or detached, when Windows 10's tablet mode
    is enabled or disabled and when a 2 in 1 laptop's screen is
    docked or undocked.
    Each of these mode changes can be assigned a different set of actions
    and custom functions, even if the mode changed while Zoom Player was
    not running (optional).

  * New "Switch to TV JukeBox list view without having the parent folder
    scraped first" media library category setting. This setting is enabled
    by default on new categories and I recommend manually enabling this
    setting on your pre-existing TV JukeBox categories.

  * The last play position is now displayed on media library thumbnails for
    audio and video files next to the media's duration (only works with
    newly played media).

  * New "/CBar" command line parameter to automatically show the control bar
    when starting Zoom Player.

  * The playing media's Title (if one exists) is now displayed in
    Zoom Player's playing item text and in the timeline area if showing
    file names in the timeline is enabled.

  * The skin installation process has become simpler with the addition of
    a new "Install Skin" button on the skin selection dialog.

  * Zoom Player can now extract Album art and meta-data from ".M4A" and
    possibly other audio formats.

  * The open URL dialog now remembers the last visited URL and keeps a history
    of the last 10 URLs.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation /
    Thumb View) to specify the number of threads to use while scraping.
    If your operating system drive ("C:") is mechanical, it may require
    lowering the thread count to "1" to prevent the user interface from
    being overly affected by the disk writes.

 Changes :	
  + TheMovieDB.org's scraper plug-in has been enhanced with ".nfo" hinting
    for TV content and improved naming convention detection.

  + The media library's "Scrape for parent folder name when file name scraping
    using metadata scrapers fails" category setting is now automatically
    disabled when JukeBox mode is active.

  + The entry for opening the Media Library on the right-click context menu
    has moved out of the 'navigate' sub-menu and toward the top of the menu.

  + The "deinterlace" toggle has been removed from the right-click context
    menu.  It is still accessible by keyboard macro (Ctrl+Shift+D).
 Fixes :

  - The media library's thumbnail memory cache was cleared when switching
    between categories if new category used a different thumbnail resolution.

  - Double clicking a media library unselected and partially visible
    thumbnail would not trigger the play/mini-menu action.

  - Switching video renderer should no longer affect restoring the last
    play position (only works with newly played media).

  - Some JPEG images with either embedded as Album art or with a mislabeled
    file extension were not properly recognized as valid JPEG images and
    were not used/shown.

  - Depending on the function assigned to the left mouse button, clicking
    a hot-corner may activate both the hot-corner functionality and the
    functionality assigned to the left mouse button (instead of only
    triggering the hot corner action).

  - Closing Zoom Player while the playlist was retrieving the duration of
    media files prevented Zoom Player from closing properly.

  - Pressing on the "disabled" subtitle entry when it was already
    selected incorrectly displayed an "Unknown error" message.


  * The Complete Change list history can be found on-line at:

--- End.