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 "-"  = Fix

--- What's new in Zoom Player v12.7:

 New :

  * New Zoom Player settings Export/Import feature that saves all of
    Zoom Player's settings, profiles and configuration files to a
    single ZIP archive and can later on restore Zoom Player's
    settings from within Zoom Player itself (making it compatible
    with the Windows Store version of Zoom Player).
    Both settings are accessible through Zoom Player's advanced options
    dialog by pressing the "Help / Export" button.

    The following settings are supported by the export feature:
     1. Activation Key file.
     2. Options dialog settings.
     3. Smart Play profiles.
     5. Skin color tinting profiles.
     6. Equalizer presets.
     7. Media library categories.
     8. Play history cache.
     9. Playback scheduler schedule.
    10. Streaming station manager entries.
    11. Custom right-click context menu script file.
    12. Custom Media/DVD background images.
    13. Custom Media/DVD keyboard mapping files.

  * The smart play source filter configuration dialog now allows you to
    specify a partial URL instead (or in combination) with file extensions,
    allowing you to setup custom filters based on the site's URL.
    This allows using such filters as the "3DYD YouTube Source" to stream
    youtube content directly (https://ys.3dyd.com/).

  * Two new category types have been introduced "TV Shows" and "Movies".
    Zoom Player tries to automatically assign previous categories to
    these new types based on the 'scrape content mode' previously
    assigned to the category.

  * The media library filter icons that appear under the category
    list are now accessible using the keyboard by pressing the up or down
    arrow keys on the first/last category entry.
    Once activated, you can use the left/right arrow keys to switch
    between the filtering modes.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation /
    Customization) to switch the category layout between list and thumbnail
    view modes.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation /
    Thumb View) that controls how the thumbnail memory cache encodes
    the images.
    The default value is to store as JPEG images which uses the least
    amount of RAM.  But for higher performance, especially on lower
    end CPUs, switching to RAW 24bit or 32bit will improve performance.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Settings)
    to control whether the Media Library's fullscreen navigation
    'Media Scanner' is displayed.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Settings)
    to control whether the Media Library's fullscreen navigation
    'Remove category folder(s)' is displayed.

  * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Playlist) to prevent Zoom Player
    from trying to parse ".PLS" files and instead lets directshow choose
    a filter to parse the files.  This improves SHOUTcast streaming
    reliability.  If you use .PLS files as SHOUTcast stations outside the 
    station manager, you will need to enable this setting.

  * New "/MediaFilter:[Number]" command line parameter to set the media
    library's filter mode.

    Valid values are:
    0 = ALL
    1 = Movies
    2 = TV Shows
    3 = Videos
    4 = Audio
    5 = Pictures
    6 = Executables

  * The media library's filter mode is now saved/restored when re-opening
    Zoom Player.

  * The station manager has been enhanced with an integrated search box.

  * New "fnPlayingToClipboard" function that copies the currently playing
    media file/URL to the clipboard.

 Changes :	
  + When fullscreen navigation 'Safe Mode' is enabled, the media library's
    'Media Scanner' and 'Remove category folder(s)' are no longer displayed.

  + Disabling the "Show media content specific to the media library's
    category type" setting now shows all media files in a category
    (previously it would show the content based on the category filter).

  + Optimized the default fullscreen navigation skin to require less resize
    operations improving load/open time and taking up to 20% less RAM.

  + Zoom Player should start between 8% - 30% faster, especially if there
    are many items in the play history.

  + Optimized the file name hashing algorithm which should improve
    performance in several areas.

  + The selected entry on the station manager is now restored when re-opening
    the interface.

  + The station manager now lets you specify a "SHOUTcast" station type.
    Any station set as SHOUTcast are now opened as SHOUTcast streams
    even if the "Assume audio streaming (SHOUTcast, ICEcast) if no
    file ext. is specified in the URL (link)" setting is disabled.

  + SHOUTcast stations added from station browser or the fullscreen
    navigation station list are now automatically marked as SHOUTcast.

  + The Station Browser dialog entries no longer resets each time the
    dialog is closed and reopened.
 Fixes :

  - Removing every entry from the "Scrapers folder name blacklist" or
    "Scrapers file name blacklist" would crash and freeze Zoom Player.

  - Resizing the media library window could trigger a crash or show an
    improperly-sized thumbnail.

  - Fixed several memory leaks.

  - Fixed a freeze when trying to open the media library before the scraping
    DLL finished initializing.

  - Fixed several cases of "List index out of bounds" errors when trying to
    use the media library with no thumbnail selected.

  - Switching media library filter mode would reset several values changed
    since opening the media library (e.g. sorting).

  - Opening a new media file while the media information dialog was visible
    did not update to the new media's date and file size.

  - Fixed a small memory leak when re-scraping modified media library folders.

  - The mouse scroll wheel did not work within the media information window
    while in fullscreen mode.

  - The integrated keyboard-mapping editor did not show the correct key-value
    for multimedia keys (play/stop/etc), which prevented assigning new
    functions to multimedia keys.

  - Using the station manager's "Play (Add to Playlist)" button would not
    actually start playing the new station.

  - In Windows 10 with the "Blank non-Playing Monitors while in Fullscreen /
    Zoom mode" enabled and Zoom Player set to start in fullscreen mode,
    Zoom Player appeared as a blank black box.

  - The timeline thumbnail preview appeared in the wrong position on some
    multi-monitor setups.

  - The windows task bar icon was not correctly updated with the specified
    task list after restarting Zoom Player.

  - Fixed a crash when trying to close Zoom Player while Zoom Player was in
    the process of opening a media file or URL.

  - Fixed a crash when trying to play over a 1000 non-existant files or
    non-responding URLs.

  - When using the media library category filter and then loading a media
    file that's currently in a filtered-out category, Zoom Player will
    now switch the category filter to match the playing file and then
    show the file highlighted when opening the media library.

  - Panning a Zoomed video with the mouse would trigger the mouse's
    click-event (by default play/pause) after letting go of the mouse

  - The station manager dialog was showing character tags instead of
    the actual characters (e.g. "&" instead of "&").

  - The station manager wasn't updating the station list display after
    editing a station.


  * The Complete Change list history can be found on-line at:

--- End.